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Senior Adopts Puppy

Well, today was Tessa’s adoption day. Mid-afternoon, a slightly elderly man (let’s call him John, since that’s his name :) ) and his son (we’ll call him John too…same reason) came over for the older John to meet and adopt Tessa. Barbara had done a very careful pre-screen of this gentleman and we’d agreed that this could also be a first-date adoption.

Tessa was a delight, just running around everywhere, not frightened of the strangers, but not being obnoxious, either. Dakota was downstairs with us in case Tessa started getting anxious (having another dog around can be a calming influence on a nervous puppy). We had a very nice time visiting with the two Johns and the paperwork went smoothly. Barbara put Tessa’s microchip in her and that good little girl hardly even noticed the needle.

Before they took off, we brought Shadow down for them to meet. She, too, was a very good girl. She played with Tessa some and met the two men without a problem, then just sat next either Barbara or me for the rest of the time. (And she’s learning to do the stairs, too!)

We got adoption pictures, but I’m too lazy to walk into the kitchen and get the camera right now. I’ll do that later tonight or some time tomorrow and update this post with a pic of the happy family.

On this day..

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9 comments to Senior Adopts Puppy

  • I’m glad Tessa’s found her permanent home. She was a sweetheart. I’m hoping this streak of adopting families continues! You and Barbara have had a busy week.

  • That’s good news. So you must be down to 13 (?) Shelties now…? We’ve lost track!!!!

    Josh and Jessie

  • Great news! I can’t wait to see the pictures of Tessa and her new family!

  • Josh and Jessie, you guys count pretty good — of course, you are Shelties, so that’s not a big surprise!

    Truth is, I tend to lose count myself. Lemme see…Star, Abby, Tommy, Alex, Chuy, Sienna, Jett, Olivia, Shasta, Shelly, Dakota, Shadow, and Tanner. How many is that? Wow, it’s 13! Good count!

  • Kim and Dan

    Oh wait Jim, you didn’t mention Alfie or Tucker. Are they being fostered elsewhere? Also, I think I know who Shelly is – similar situation to Chuy’s- they are your shelties, but who is Olivia? Great news about Tessa though!

  • Kim and Dan, wow, you guys have good memories!

    Alfie’s been adopted for several weeks now. In fact, it took me a minute to remember who he is because he never really lived with us — went straight from relinquishment to foster, then to adoption (pretty quickly).

    Tucker, too, has been adopted, easily five months ago (before Barbara’s surgeries started). We haven’t heard from them recently, but they love Tucker dearly.

    Shelly’s a very large (not overweight) girl with pretty bad arthritis; even with anti-inflammatory meds, she hobbles around. She’s very much available for adoption, but will need a one-level home. She is incredibly sweet, but Barbara has to fight her for the couch ;) Even with her arthritis, she insists on hopping up on one of our couches and lying there like the princess she is. We hope that she’s adopted by a senior couple or single senior man or woman, to whom she would provide plenty of love and affection.

    Chuy’s not “ours” in the sense that we’ve formally adopted him, but he has such a short time to live (perhaps only a few weeks, perhaps a few months) that we’ve designated him a Hospice Care patient. His liver is failing, IIRC, but he remains the happiest guy you can imagine. Of course, he’s getting very protective of himself, and barks the other dogs away when they’re running around playing — he does not want to be stepped on. He also tries to keep the other dogs away from me, ’cause he wants me for himself :)

    Olivia’s a senior with serious arthritis and other problems. She’s pretty small (maybe 13″ at the shoulder) and extremely fragile. She hurts easily, can’t stand with her hind legs straightened (but she can straighten them if she’s lying on her side), is mostly deaf and her eyesight’s beginning to go. We assumed that she’d be with us for just a few days, maybe three or four weeks, but her bloodwork was outstanding and she’s recovered a lot from when she got here. Still, it’s hard to guess how long she’ll have. She’s available for adoption, but we know that she’ll probably stay with us in Hospice Care until the end of her life.

  • Kim and Dan

    Wow, two more seniors, Alfie and Tucker, adopted. Truly a cause for celebration!

  • Yay for Tessa! I really loved her, when I came to visit. She was such a sweet girl. :)

  • We just got a phone call from Tessa’s adopter. He is thrilled as can be with her, and the feeling seems to be mutual. He told Barbara that, although she “still has an accident once in a while”, she’s already sleeping in his bed with him. And that is exactly what he wanted — a truly faithful, loving companion. Man, I love it when things go right!

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