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Sleeping With Tanner

Sorry that it seems like I only blog about Tanner, but I really like him…

Last night, for the first time since Barbara’s shoulder replacement surgery, we slept in our waterbed…together :) Until now, she’s been sleeping on the couch in the family room, and I’ve been on an air mattress in another room with four or five dogs. (The rest are mostly crated, but about four are loose in the room with Barbara.) Well, Tanner stayed up late with me to watch a movie (not that he really cared about the movie…no dogs in it) and came up to bed with me. I picked him up and put him on the bed next to me and put my arm around him.

Within minutes, he was asleep. Barbara awoke very early this morning with her shoulder hurting (which means she’s going back to the couch and me to the air matress for a couple more weeks), and said that Tanner was sleeping on his back right next to me.

On this day..

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