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Another Microchip Miracle

Late yesterday afternoon, I answered the phone. It was Cottonwood Animal Hospital telling us that a good Samaritan (they’re not really from Samaria — who is, these days? — so should that really be capitalized?) had just dropped off a Sheltie whose microchip traced back to Sheltie Rescue of Utah. There was no other information on the dog except a rabies tag issued by some other vet clinic.

They gave us the microchip number and Barbara and I spent the next couple of hours pouring over our records (I’ve got to get them computerized!) without finding the number. So, off I went to Cottonwood to pick up the dog. He looked vaguely familiar, but didn’t seem to recognize me, so I assumed I didn’t know him. But he was most willing to come with me, hopped right up in the car, and off we went. When we got to the house, Barbara immediate said "Oh, that’s Bandit #2", so I went to the files and couldn’t find a folder for Bandit #2. (I’ve got to get these records computerized…did I say that already?)

Well, "Bandit" didn’t know his name, which was only a little surprising — people do change the names of their adopted dogs. He had a nice dinner and slept in a crate overnight. This morning, Barbara called the vet clinic that issued the rabies tag and, after hanging up the phone, turned to me and said "I got his name wrong; that’s really Laddie #3." The vet clinic had supplied the name and phone number of the owner, so I didn’t have to go back to the files to pull his folder (which is there).

Turns out that Laddie and his dad were out walking yesterday afternoon and dad let Laddie off leash to go potty, just like he’d done a hundred times before. But, this time, Laddie took off for reasons they don’t really know, and then was too scared to come when called. (No, not for fear of punishment or anything. Shelties have this very wierd characteristic that they sort of lose their minds when they get lost and can turn almost feral if not recovered quickly. The stories I could tell you…) Anyway, some nice strangers found him and took him over to Cottonwood.

Mom stayed home from work today to look for Laddie, and was obviously very happy to learn that we had him! She came by to pick him up a couple of hours ago (Barbara and I had errands to run, so we asked her to wait until we called her back) and Laddie was delighted to see his mom!

This morning, after we stupid humans called him by his own name, he got much cuddlier with us and hung around my desk with me (to Tanner’s mild disapproval) until his mom got here to pick him up.

Another happy ending!

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4 comments to Another Microchip Miracle

  • Wow. You guys are pretty wonderful. Two for two in two days. Someone needs to volunteer to computerize those records for you. Don’t you have a volunteer somewhere out there that could do it? Maybe a high school student would do it for work experience and/or community volunteerism (I think most have some amount they have to do these days)? Being a recent School of Information Graduate I know we were always looking for internships (unpaid generally)…and this might work if you have a college or library school, or community college in the area…

  • Great story.

    Nice to read something with a happy ending today.

  • Wow! Three dogs in just a couple of days. That’s great. All those families ought to be more than willing to add their little testimonials to how valuable it can be to have your dog micro-chipped.

  • That is a real miracle of the microchip.

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