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Going Offline (sort of)

Early tomorrow morning, I’ll be leaving on a jet plane (y’all remember Peter, Paul, and Mary, doncha?). I have a 4-day business meeting in Austin, TX, next week, and I’m going early so I can drive to Lake Charles, LA, to spend a couple of days visiting my 93-year old mother. Heck, it’s only 250 or 275 miles each way…

Anyway, I’d hate for my adoring fan base (that’s you guys, in case you didn’t recognize yourselves) to wonder what happened to me :) I’ll be mostly offline (Mom has only dialup access!) for Thurday through Sunday. And then I’ll be chairing a 4-day intensely technical meeting. So I won’t be blogging very much.

But I will return. Whether you want me to or not. And, who knows, maybe I’ll get to blog a little bit while I’m gone.

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