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Keepin’ Track (or Who Has The Time)

Just about a year ago, I bought myself a new digital camera, a nice little Casio Exilim EX-Z1000. Sweet camera, small enough for a shirt pocket, takes great photos and decent video clips.

The problem is that it’s easy to keep handy, and easy to use. And I’ve taken over 2,000 photos & videos. I’ve managed to keep them uploaded to my laptop pretty regularly, and I’ve gone so far as to change the filenames of about 350 of the files to incorporate a clue about the photo or video it contains. But that leaves nearly 1800 photos without any clue other than the date it was taken. Hmmm…on average, it takes me 20 seconds to rename a file — once I figure out what the photo/video really is, which probably brings the average up somewhat, so let’s call it 30 seconds each.

That’s 900 minutes that I will have to spend just to rename the photos I’ve already got.  15 hours! Who can spare that kind of time! And failure to name them promptly just means I forget what they are. Heck, my previous camera, which I used for about four or five years, took about 1600 photos (it wasn’t as convenient to carry around…what can I say?), and I doubt that 500 of them have been named. So, there’s another 1100 older photos, which probably means more than 900 more minutes!

And then Barbara’s new camera (actually donated to Sheltie Rescue through PetFinder!) has already taken over 275 photos, about 150 of which we’ve named (better ratio there…).

How do you guys deal with this problem? It’s not like we’re lazy — exactly the opposite…we’re already overwhelmed and I’m so far behind on computerizing SRU’s records it’s not funny.

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5 comments to Keepin’ Track (or Who Has The Time)

  • Sounds familiar.

    I try to rename files as I upload them but fail misreably to always do it. Like you I have a ton of images without correct names so I don’t know what they are.

  • Well, I’m not as busy as you and Barbara are. I also tend to be soo anxious to see if I’ve got any great shots of the dogs, that I put them on the computer right away. I usually take a couple hundred at a time, like on a walk with the dogs, or in one setting, and then download all of them. I know I’ve never had as many as 1000 on there at once though. That would be a bit overwhelming!

  • vaxmanid...gigis dad

    Jim..I’d give Google’s Picasso a try.

  • I’m willing to try almost anything :) But I don’t see how Picassa (doesn’t the name end with an “a”?) can automatically name my photo files for me…at least not with names that identify, say, the dogs in the picture!

  • You need to be more generous with delete button. Before you start renaming those pics try going through all of them and deleting the ones you can live without. It might turn this 1800 into 800-1000. And that seems like a reasonable number of pictures to reaname at once.

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