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Just a Quickie (Goodbye, Shadow)

Barbara told me on the phone this morning (I’m on the road until the end of next week) that Shadow will be adopted this weekend, probably Sunday. She’s been talking to a family who lives in California but who happens to be in Colorado at the moment. They have just adopted a (young female) rescued Sheltie from Linda Kotapish at Sheltie Shack in Kansas, and they found Shadow on our site and thought that the two might make a great pair.

The only sad bit is that I didn’t say goodbye to Shadow before I left on this trip! But she’ll be fine…

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6 comments to Just a Quickie (Goodbye, Shadow)

  • Jeff & Heather

    Jim, don’t worry about Shadow, Heather and I (Jeff) are the family from California and we promise she is going to be well taken care of. We will be picking her up on Monday, we got a late start, and we cannot wait to see her. My wife is actually alittle sad that she is taking her from you and that you did not get to say goodbye. You don’t happen to be traveling between Utah and California on Monday do you? We have 8 year old twins (Nick & Caitlyn) and they cannot wait until we get home. We lost our sheltie (Lady) last year and our home seems empty without her. We cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to adopt such an adorable puppy and for people like your family that take in animals to help find them good homes. Maybe we will see you sometime, you are always welcome to stop in and say hi if you are in California.

  • That’s very cool that Shadow has a new home with another young Sheltie to play with and to keep her company! :-)

  • Jeff and Heather, thanks for the lovely reassuring words. Barbara told me that you’d talked to her and asked “Is your husband’s name Jim?” :) I look forward to discovering what your other new Sheltie is like — maybe you can post some photos of her and Shadow together after the whole family gets back to California!

    Unfortunately, I’ll be in Austin, TX, all week. But I do get to California every now and then. In fact, I actually work there (but remotely from our home in Utah). I work for Oracle, in the Bay area. If you guys are in that general area, I just might call sometime and see about dropping in for a visit. I’ve done it in the past!

  • I’m sure Shadow will be great. It always takes some time to get used to the new situation but she’ll surely live a happy life once she realises that her new home is just as nice as the old one.

  • that is so hard, but so good for a forever home.

  • That is sad, but don’t worry, although Shadow will miss you, she’ll be happy with her new family too.

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