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I Miss My Kids!

Gee, I’ve been on the road for a mere four days, which for me is nothing! But I miss the kids and Barbara a lot. Now, here’s part of the problem: I’m used to being away on business about 50% to 60% of the time, sometimes for three and four weeks at a shot. And we became accustomed to it over the years. But when Barbara started scheduling her surgery, I rearranged everything to minimize my travel so as to maximize my time at home.

And I got to like it!

So, here I am, gone only 4 days, with 5 more to go before getting home, and I’m pinin’ away. Well, not really, but I do miss them.

Sometimes, when I call home from a trip, Barbara will put the phone near the ear of one or more of the kids (these days it’s often Abby or Star) so I can talk to them. They don’t say much back, but Barbara often tells me that they lick the phone or look at it like "Why is Daddy in that little plastic box?"

But I can’t talk to Tanner, now can I? I think I’m just going to have to get a webcam to carry around with me so I can open up a video link and Tanner and I can look at one another! I’m sure that Abby and Star would enjoy that, too.

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7 comments to I Miss My Kids!

  • The things we’ll do for our furkids!

  • You big softie!

    A webcam does sound like agood idea of you are away a lot.

  • Kim and Dan

    A webcam sounds perfect!

    Jim, I suppose some of your faithful readers could post pictures of their four legged family members, to help with the loneliness until you can get back home to Barbara and the kids (if it’s possible to post a picture on someone else’s blog, sheesh, sometimes I just limp along with technology, technologically impaired I think).

  • Yeah seems to me that last quality time which you have spend with them is still in your memory and those memory is keep reminding you about Barbara.

    Hows Barbara now ?

  • I’ve often tried to have my mom talk to Lula, but she never reacts to it. But when my mom comes for a visit (about every 6 months) Lula is sure excited.

  • cheri_berri

    I just returned home 2/26 from an 8-day trip to Ireland (well, 2 of the days were mostly spent in airports and planes), and Trudy’s former foster mom offered to keep her while I was gone. We made the switch the weekend before the trip. I called Susan the night before I left, and again this evening, one day after getting back home. She set the phone to speakerphone and put it down to Trudy’s level while I talked to Trudy. Susan said she definitely recognized my voice, and cocked her head from side to side. I’m so glad my son and I will be picking her up tomorrow! Jared ended up being off work all that time and wished I’d left her at home to keep him company. Pretty good for someone who, 1 year ago, reacted with “You want to do WHAT?” when I said I wanted to adopt a sheltie. :)

  • A webcam actualy sounds like a pretty decent idea. Or maybe you could just record yourself and leave it at home so that Barbara can play it for all to see once in a while.

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