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Dodged A Bullet…er, a potential rescue

This afternoon, we got a call from our friend and volunteer, Marie, who had been called by the Riverdale (UT) animal shelter, saying that the shelter was in posession of a blue merle Sheltie. So, off we went — because Barbara still can’t drive, I went with her — to see what they really had :)

When we walked into the office, the agent there had a very elderly, almost crippled (with arthritis) Australian Shepherd ("blue heeler"). I immediately said "That’s not a Sheltie!" and Barbara said that we’re Sheltie Rescue. The woman responded that this wasn’t the dog in question, that he was in the back, in a cage. We went into the cage area and found the dog — who had been shaved, except for his legs and tail.

He wasn’t obviously not a Sheltie, but not obviously a Sheltie, either. At first, I said "Sheltie mix", but a closer examination almost changed my mind, especially since he had some behavioral similarities. But the broadness of his muzzle coupled with the shortness of his body made us conclude that this guy was actually a mix (probably, IMHO, half Sheltie and half Jack Russel Terrier). So, with mixed emotions, we declined to accept him.

That was OK, it turns out, because another organization, a non-kill shelter called Wasatch Humane, had already agreed to take the dog in if we didn’t.

What a relief! The dog’s safe, and we don’t have to add to our pack.

Well, we were expecting a Sheltie girl to be relinquished to us today, but we haven’t heard from the relinquisher, so who knows…

On this day..

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9 comments to Dodged A Bullet…er, a potential rescue

  • Ack, Sorry! The last thing I meant to do was send you on a wild goose chase like that. :-( I should have known not to sound the alarm without seeing a picture first. Sorry again! I’m glad Wasatch Humane is taking him.

  • Marie, there is absolutely nothing for which to apologize! You did the right thing, and I hope you’ll keep on letting us know of any possible Sheltie needing adoption. Even when we were there looking right at him, it wasn’t absolutely clear whether or not he was a purebred Sheltie. We really appreciate that you called us about him.

  • We do see the odd Bluey (blue heeler) in New Zealand but they are comparatively rare over here – just like blue merle Shelties. As far as we are aware, there is only ONE breeder in NZ that specialises in blue merles and they are based in Auckland.

  • I’m glad there’s a place where he can be safe. You have enough on your plate without adding more that don’t really fit your mission statement. But I’m sure it’s hard to say no. You’re doing a wonderful thing, but you can’t be all things to all people.

  • It’s great the Dog had somewhere to go.I guess you also have lots with you already. How do you cope?

  • Well the dog was lucky – there were 2 organisations that were willing to take him. Too bad in most cases there’s noone who’d want a “homeless” dog.

  • uh, that must be so hard. I have no money or space, but I want to help. is there a list out there some where like top 10 things you can do to help homeless pets or something?

  • Eddie, what a great idea! I don’t know of such a list at the moment, but I’ll talk to Barbara (and perhaps other rescue people as well) and see if we can come up with a list.

    Just offhand, I can think of a couple of candidate ideas.

    For example: Volunteer at a shelter, which could be as easy as going down there and talking to the dogs and cats, or walking them.

    Another example: Work with one or more rescue groups and be their “eyes” in places where people advertise dogs/cats for sale — such as classified ads, Craig’s List, local television station online ads, Petfinders, and the like — and let the group(s) know when you find members of their breed(s) “free to good home” or for sale at prices that indicate they just want to get rid of the pet.

    Get the idea?

  • I’m glad that the dog was taken in and is safe. That must have been a hard decision, but at least, in the end, everything went well.

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