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By that, I mean that I’ve got an awful, miserable cold. I’m trying not to whine about it — I mean, it’s nothing compared to Barbara’s surgeries and recoveries. But it’s kept me at borderline attentiveness since I returned from that business trip to Austin (yes, it went very well). I’m still very stuffed (OK, you Kiwis…no smart remarks!), but I’m getting better.

Anyway, that’s why I haven’t blogged in several days. I started feeling under the weather while in Austin (made chairing the meetings rather fun. Not.) and it took this long to improve. But I think I’ll be able to blog meaningfully in the next day or so.

Sorry for the absence!

On this day..

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5 comments to Here-But-Not-Here

  • No smart remarks… we’ll try our best :-)

    We bet Tanner is absolutely ecstatic about having you back… is he back in the water bed yet?

  • Glad you’re back, but sorry to hear that you’re feeling under the weather. Maybe all the shelties will make you feel better soon! :-)

  • Kim and Dan

    Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well but I am glad to know that you are back at home. I almost asked my husband to look at my computer because I couldn’t access new blog entries that I knew you must be making. Seriously, I thought computers either worked or they didn’t, they wouldn’t work on one site and not another, but I wasn’t seeing any new posts…..I am laughing at myself Jim, not at you. I think a night school class on computers is in my future.

  • Thanks for the good wishes, you guys! Truth is, WE are not back in the waterbed again; it wasn’t comfortable for Barbara’s shoulder, so she’s back on the couch and I’m on the air mattress in the other room. But last night, Tanner slept in there with me, Abby, and Star, and was very glad to be there!

    Sorry I let you down, Kim and Dan, by not posting. I guess I was on a roll for a while and a sudden stop could make one wonder what had happened. But I’m back, and as I feel better, I’ll find more time to blog.

  • I find that being sick always helps me catch up on writing/reading/movies/music. If I were you I’d be here posting everyday. Anyway get better soon!

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