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Nota Lota Action

Not much has been happening, rescue-wise, in the last couple of days. We got a call from Jeff, the man who adopted Shadow, reporting that she’s settled in and is having a great time. You might recall that, in the same week, they adopted another rescue Sheltie (named "Kali") from Sheltie Shack in Kansas. Well, it turns out that Kali is a little less outgoing than Shadow (now renamed "Cassie"), so Shadow/Cassie is the leader of the little pack.

Tomorrow, mid-morning, a new Sheltie is being relinquished to us. Her name is Daisy, and she is a tripod! When the woman who rescued her from a neglectful neighbor took her in, the woman noticed that Daisy was behaving strangly and took her to the vet. The vet diagnosed some sort of infection and the only way they could save Daisy was to amputate her leg. (Sorry, I don’t know which leg yet.) So, Daisy’s coming to us for some rehabilitation (it’s what we do, after all!), followed by finding her a wonderful forever home.

We’ve also had a call from some people interested in Alex, and Barbara says that they sound like good prospects, but I haven’t read their adoption application yet. After that aborted adoption Alex went through a while back, I’m rather protective of him.

On this day..

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