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Busy Weekend!

Wow. Where to start?

Yesterday morning, the lovely people who rescued Daisy (a/k/a Daisy Mae) three or four years ago (and nursed her through the loss of her leg — which was caused by her being hit by a car, not an infection as I suggested yesterday!) brought her over to our house. Daisy was a bit scared, not understanding what was going on, and she got extremely intimidated by the other dogs (especially pushy little Abby!) when we brought her upstairs. But I spent a half-hour cuddling with her and whispering sweet nothings in her ears until she relaxed some. She spent the next couple of hours following me around more dependably than my shadow (no, not my Shadow).
Lucy Standing Up
Daisy was a real sweetie, and her lack of a left hind leg didn’t seem to bother in the slightest, except maybe she wanted to lie down more often because of the balance issue. But she went out back and went potty without problems, up and down the ramp, and all over the house, did just fine. In the early afternoon, we took her over to the home of a woman named Keetette (nope, I don’t know the origin of her name) who wanted to foster a dog for us. Keetette has another Sheltie names Zoë (which she probably spells "Zoe") who is incredibly smart, sweet, and considerate.
Daisy posing
Well, poor Daisy was a bit freaked out, not knowing what was going on (again). As we sat on the floor and couches (I’m on the floor with the dogs, which is where I belong!), Daisy started sniffing the floor and turning around and around. Barbara spotted her and suggested that Daisy might need to go potty again. So I took her out in the back hard, down about 7 open steps, and put her down on the ground. Immediately, she went potty, then sniffed around a bit, and indicated she was done. I called her name and she ran to me. I went up the stairs, and she didn’t even hesitate…bound, bound, bound, and she was up.

For the next 30 or 45 minutes, we sat around chatting. Daisy was still being very insecure, so I’d lie beside her and promise her that everything was going to be wonderful. Zoë came over every now and then to see if Daisy would get acquainted, but Daisy would keep running behind me, and Zoë very politely gave Daisy her space. After a while, I tossed a toy for Zoë, and Daisy immediately got animated. She wanted to play, too! By the time we left, they were just starting to play together and I suspect they were playing tug-of-war before the evening was over!
Keetette, Zoë, and Daisy
I really think that the two girls are going to be BFFs. They both very small Shelties, very calm, and very intelligent, and they are charmers! I think (and hope!) that Keetette and her husband will decide to turn that foster agreement into an adoption contract!

This morning (OK, OK, early afternoon!), we went over to the home of the woman who was fostering-with-intent-to-adopt Cooper to do the promised home visit. It went very well. It was obvious that Cooper really felt comfortable with Caitlin and that she really cared for him and was putting in the time and effort to learn how to read him. It was obviously going to work, so we did all the adoption paperwork and that was that!

Later this afternoon, a family (mom, dad, 11 year old boy, 5 year old girl, 2 year old — and very verbal — girl) came over to meet some dogs. Their collie recently passed away and they want to get the kids another dog…or dogs. Barbara initially thought that Dakota would be a good match, so he was the first one we took down. Well, Dakota was a little hyper, what with being faced with five strangers (pressure…back away) who had chicken in their hands (yum, yum…come back forward).

Barbara suggested that I bring Abby down. She’s not the least bit shy and Dakota would quickly see that all is well. I did and he did. Good observation by Barbara! After a few minutes, I took Abby back upstairs and let Tommy go down to meet them. They were happy to meet him, and vice versa , but that was it. Tommy wasn’t unhappy to go back upstairs, but he wasn’t upset by the kids, either.

Then I brought Shasta down. She was, ummm, a lot less reserved than Dakota :) and was immediately a big hit. Yes, she was wagging everything she has, and kissing everything in sight, but it was obvious that she was mature and great with kids. She quickly found a broken tennis ball and started playing tug and catch with everybody. And Dakota continued to settle down and be very, very well behaved.

They had to leave after 45 minutes or so, but they told Barbara on the way out that their inclination at that moment was to adopt both of them! Of course, after they go home and think about it, they might change their minds about adopting two…or even one. But we can hope. I think they would make a great home for Shasta, really ideal, and a great home for Dakota, too. He will just love having kids to play with, and Shasta will be a surrogate mother, protecting the kids from all threats.


Not a bad weekend…but busy.

On this day..

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1 comment to Busy Weekend!

  • Boy, sure does sound like a busy weekend! I think Daisy looks like such a doll, I hope she’s found her permanent home! Very good news about Cooper too. I know you and Barbara worried about him. I’m glad that he’s doing well.

    Our weekend was pretty dull, except for the blast of snow that we got on Saturday and the typical hustle and bustle of weekends with the boarding kennel.

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