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Barbara’s Making Progress!

Just a quick note on Barbara’s progress with her shoulder. When she came home from the hospital, she needed to do therapy that involved her sitting in this bizarre chair that looked like something out of a medieval dungeon :) The purpose of it was to slowly raise and lower her arm, as well as to rotate her forearm out and back in, at first with small motions and later with larger motions.

Well, yesterday she went to see her doctor (by herself , I should say; she drove herself!) and was given such a good report that the company came by today to pick up their chair. She starts regular physical therapy next week, but her doctor was very pleased at her progress (just like the other doctor with her knees).

On another subject, sort of: Tomorrow morning, I go in for some outpatient surgery on my left knee. Pthpthpht…it’s been locking up on me and Barbara’s knee doctor suggested that I let him "get in there and see what’s going on" and "trim any loose cartilage". So, I’ll probably be whining about how much it hurts tomorrow evening. NOT!

On this day..

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7 comments to Barbara’s Making Progress!

  • Good news about Barbara! And good luck today for you SheltieJim!

  • Barbara’s recoveries from major surgeries are really amazing. I’m glad to hear that she’s even recovered to the point of being able to drive herself around again.

    Now, as for your knee Jim…I hope they figure out what is causing the pain, and get you fixed up good as new. I guess that means that we won’t see you and Abby tonight though. :-(

  • Well Jim, can you tell that I wasn’t fully awake and aware of what day of the week it is when I made that comment? LOL I hope your procedure goes well today, (Thurs), and that you’re feeling up to coming out and training and playing with Layla and the rest of the group on Friday evening. :-)

  • Best of luck and get well soon.

  • Thanks to you all for your well wishes. They found out what was causing my knee to lock up — some loose cartilage, which they taped down (or superglued, or stapled, or sutured, or something). Now, my knee’s a little bit swollen, which is vaguely uncomfortable, but I’ve got it wrapped with an ice pack on it.

    The doc said that he noticed some beginning arthritis while he was in there, but nothing worth getting all excited about. I guess that’s not unreasonable, considering how many miles and how many thousands of vertical feet I have put onto those knees!

    I haven’t made the final decision about going to the agility class tonight. I hope to be there with Abby, even if I can’t do much strenuous activity. (I really hate missing the first day/night of a class!)

  • Kim and Dan

    Jim, I’m glad that both you and Barbara are doing so well. Very happy for the update on you and Barb, now how about an update on some of the four-legged family?

    Did Cassie ever come back to SRU? How are Sienna and Jett doing? A while ago you mentioned that one of the girl puppies was getting Jett interested in playing, is Jett less reserved now or was it just the influence of the puppy? Are Jett and Sienna still at SRU? How is Alex, did the potential adopters show up to SRU for a meet-n-greet?

    Just blog when you can. Thanks!

  • Get well soon you guys!!! The furkids need you :-)
    Take care,
    Josh and Jess

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