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Health Costs, Why Not Loans at Reasonable Rates?, Eagle Scout Project for Rescue?

Thank you to all who were so kind and thoughtful to donate to help with Daisey Do’s expenses.

Daisey cuddling with Jim while Daddy's girl, Abby, tries to get in on the action!
I’m very pleased at how well she’s coming along. Her surgery will be tomorrow, Thursday. I expect the very best outcome possible, partly based on Dr. Porter’s examination, partly based on my own observations of Daisey, and the rest is due to my own optimism. Her initial depression when she arrived here has really lifted. She’s not completely herself yet but she’s not the depressed girl she was a few days ago. A few days ago, I was concerned that her emotional depression was deep enough that it could be a factor in how well she did in surgery. Today, I’m not worried about that…thank goodness!

Daisey Do’s family called to tell me that the kids in the household (six, I believe, most of whom suffer from developmental problems and/or seizures) reminded their Mom that they have a collection of pennies that they wanted to donate to Daisey’s recovery expenses. What sweethearts! So the kids had a penny stuffing party where they stuffed pennies into those penny wrappers. Those pennies, that Mom thought might add up to $20.00 or $30.00, actually added up to $175.00!

Also, Dr. Porter’s estimate of the cost of Daisy’s surgery is substantially less than the family’s vet’s estimate which did not include a dental. Daisey needs one done. While she’s under anesthesia, she’s going to get her dental done. The total cost will still be substantially less than the family vet’s estimate of the surgery to just remove the tumor. I admit that I was surprised to find that Cottonwood Animal Hospital’s costs were so much more reasonable.

The family is so grateful that we’re not just willing to help Daisey Do but willing (and wanting) for her to go back to her family that they’ve been trying to think of what they can do to help Sheltie Rescue. I am very touched by this and really by their whole response to what I thought of as just the obvious thing to do to help out. Their 14 year old son is an Eagle Scout. He’s also a high functioning autistic child with severe seizures. He asked his Mom if, for his Eagle Scout project, he could do something that would help Sheltie Rescue. Isn’t that something…what sweet and thoughtful children. Now they’ve asked me what he could do for his project that would help Sheltie Rescue. Any ideas from those of you who are more familiar with Eagle Scout projects than I am? I could use some help with this — help!

These people just happened to come to our attention because they had a Sheltie. We all know the high cost of veterinary care. Is this situation just a fluke because they found the right people who could help them and we lucked out by finding ourselves working with a wonderful family that, so far, appears to be very responsible about their commitments? How many other owners of purebred or mixed breed dogs, needing health care, would be as happy and as responsible about working with us to get their dog the medical attention it needs? There is certainly a population of these owners out there. I can’t help but wonder if making small loans like this, at a reasonable rate of return, might be a way to help raise funds for rescue? Sheltie Rescue of Utah’s balance at the vet’s office is over $7,000. We need to be creative to find ways to bring in more funds. Could this be a way? – Barbara

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3 comments to Health Costs, Why Not Loans at Reasonable Rates?, Eagle Scout Project for Rescue?

  • Hmmm…possibly a good idea. (The small loan thing) Being an ex-banker I will think on this a bit and see if I can come up with any issues you might encounter if you try it. My initial thought is not to lend money you can’t afford to lose…but let me think some more.

  • I totally agree with Dawn’s statement that you should never lend money that you aren’t willing to lose. I tend to be a bit cynical (Ok, alot cynical LOL).

  • Kim and Dan

    I agree with Marie, you should never lend money that you aren’t totally willing to lose.

    As for an Eagle Scout project, how about helping get SRU’s files organized on the computer? If I am understanding correctly there are relatively few rules governing the scope of an Eagle project. Daisey Do’s family should know what they are. If one of the projects requirements is still to get other scouts to help, you could have your basement SRU stuff totally organized using younger backs! Projects don’t have to take tons of time, I think there just needs to be some kind of measurable result. I say go for it!

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