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Sheltie Angels

(This post was edited on March 25 at 7:45 PM to reflect new information, including the cost of the ornaments. Changes appear in italics.)

Yes, yes, I know — all Shelties are angels. Most of the time, anyway.

But these Sheltie angels are ornaments (for use on, e.g. a Christmas tree or to hang in your sunlit window). They’re made by some folks (Kathy and Mark Cochran) who have long been friends of Sheltie rescue (most closely associated with Jacksonville [FL] Sheltie Rescue, run by our good friend Darla Duffy) and who plan to sell them at the 2009 ASSA National specialty show being held next month in Perry, GA.

Sheltie Angel Ornament

In the photo, you’ll notice that the ornament has a light blue tint to it. Kathy says that the can produce them in other (light) colors as well.

These ornaments will be made available at (what I think is) the very reasonable price of $24.95 (in six colors: blue, rose quartz, sardonyx, onyx, garnet, and green). They also told me that they’re planning to produce urns (you know…to hold the ashes of your beloved Sheltie after he or she crosses the Bridge) with the same image on them, but don’t plan to start working on that until the ornament effort has gotten fully under way.

If any of my readers are interested in knowing more about these ornaments (or, indeed, the planned urns), you’ll be pleased to learn that you will be able to purchase them (starting, we hope, in May) directly from Sheltie Rescue of Utah (at ) . The profits from the ornaments at the National go to National Sheltie Rescue. Profits from ornaments purchased from us will go to Sheltie Rescue of Utah. Readers from other states should know that other Sheltie rescue groups (those operating under the auspices of the National Sheltie Rescue Network) will also be allowed to sell these. As far as I know now, the same (except, I’m sure, for the price) will be true of the urns when they’re available .

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