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What is the Easiest Way to Insert Digital Images from Camera to Blog?

Whatever is going on with the insert image button and what it invokes on this site is beyond me! I spent HOURS trying out all the different means and ways to use this thing and still couldn’t get any of my photos of Daisey Do into my previous blog! Yeah…I saw my last attempt resulted in an error that was embedded in the blog entry but by then I didn’t care. So today, I’m getting those photos into this entry. But before I do, I also have to rant about getting photos off of my digital camera, downloaded to my laptop, and then displayed so I can tell what cryptic filename represents the images I care about at that moment. I’m diligently trying to keep images off of my C drive (system drive) because I don’t want it to get low on disk space. It looks to me like almost every photo organizing program I’ve got here tries first to load photos onto my C drive. I’ve been using HP Photosmart’s software, Corel Photo Downloader, and Adobe Photo Organizer (can’t really remember the exact names for each). I’ve also tried Picassa. What’s your favorite way of getting your photos from your camera to you laptop and into a blog or wherever? Why is it your favorite? I’d love to know what’s working for other people. Now…we’ll see if I can keep my sanity today AND get my photos loaded into this blog entry???? – BarbaraJim cuddling Daisey and showing her tumor just below his hand. Aha! It took my first photo but rejected the description I tried to use. That’s Jim cuddling Daisey on his lap with Daddy’s girl, Abby, next to him trying to get in on some of the attention.

Jim giving Daisey Do a bunch of cuddles.

This is Jim holding Daisey and trying to show you her tumor just below his hand.

Ah…here’s a better view of that tumor. As of now, it’s already been removed from Daisey. The report so far is that Daisey is still woozy from her anesthesia but is slowly waking up. The surgery went well. We’re waiting to hear more from Dr. Porter on what he saw and how easy or not it was to remove the tumor. The biopsy report will be important to us too but we probably won’t have that until next week.

On this day..

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5 comments to What is the Easiest Way to Insert Digital Images from Camera to Blog?

  • I use a program called Blog Desk to write nearly all my posts for ResqTails. It’s super fast to insert pictures into it, and then when I’m done I just upload it and it zips it to my blog. In fact, it’s faster for me to upload a post with pictures in it, than it is for me to send them someone in an email.

    As for the picture programs themselves, I use Picasa, it organizes all the pictures into the months that I took them, and that’s usually enough for me to find what I want. It also lets me look at a much bigger thumbnail than my other picture programs.

  • What I want to know is this: Who the hell is that old man?

  • Depending on which version on wordpress you have it can be very easy… The lastest version of wordpress makes it easy. There should be a little box in your admin section right above your post and to the left.Simply click on it and it upload’s your file.

  • Actually, BlackLab, we are fully up to date with WordPress. And we have the little box to which you referred. The problem is that it doesn’t function properly. We click on it, the dialog box for the uploader opens, we browse for the file, etc. But, when we click “Insert into post”, the box goes completely blank and absolutely nothing else happens.

    This problem started upon our upgrade to WP2.7 (but we have not yet upgraded to 2.7.1). In addition, we have PhotoPress 0.9 installed and it doesn’t behave the way it did under our previous version of WordPress (2.3.2).

    If you have suggestions on where to look for the problem, or on what I might re-install to “fix” whatever is wrong, I’d love to hear about it!


  • That’s weird. It might be the upgraded version conflicting with the Photo Press. You could always run over to the site and see if they have any suggestions.

    Wish I could help you out more :(

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