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All creatures great and small

I know this isn’t really about shelties, but in a way it is.

Yesterday was a sad day for us. Our super friendly rooster “Cayenne” had to be put down yesterday. Yes, we did pay for an office visit to the vets for a chicken and yes, we would have treated him just like any of our pets. He had a tumor we had been watching on his leg. It came up fast and we were told not to worry about it unless he seemed bothered by it. It started bothering him but it was a pretty aggressive cancer and the vet felt the kindest thing to do was to relieve him of his misery. We felt at peace with our decision but the hard part was watching his hen “Cinnamon” at home who paced frantically at the gate waiting and watching for her companion to come back.

For a chicken, he was well loved. He was super friendly and you could pick him up and he never flew at you or acted aggressively ever. He was a good companion and watched over his hen as a proper rooster should! Light seen at whatever time of night required a crow (even a light from a window! ) He was even fun to goad into crowing with fake crows and a scratch with our feet. It pained us to put him down.

We got onto KSL classifieds right away and lo and behold, there is a rooster that just might fit into our family of critters! We have a wedding to go to so we hope we can get him today but they won’t be home till after 5:00 and we have to be to the wedding to help at 5:00pm. Wish us and “Cinnamon” luck! She is so lonesome. We think we’ll get her some babies to tend, she’s a great mom and teaches her chicks how to scratch for seeds and bugs and how to roost up high at night which is proper for a chicken! All of her babies are watched over carefully and zoom under her wing in case of percieved emergencies!

How does this relate to shelties? Well, maybe it doesn’t but in my mind, respect for life is all incompassing, and just as I care for all my darling shelties and love them and send them to rainbow bridge with dignity, so I give all my critters under my care the same dignity. Joy can be appreciated and found in all of God’s creatures. We love them all, except the varmints…who can live somewhere other than in my house, or alternate abodes for me or my critters!

“Cinnamon” will be lonesome today and will not likely understand what became of her companion. That makes me sad. We’ll try to help her find a new friend soon!

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5 comments to All creatures great and small

  • BluvsJ

    Hey Julene…I’m so sorry to hear about Cayenne. I’m sorry I never met him and got to know him and his sweet personality. I hope you guys get Cinnamon a companion today (wedding…now how important could that be!) so she can start chatting up her new man or hovering over some baby chicks. Do you think she’d wonder how chicks showed up out of the blue? – Barbara

  • Animals are animals and its always hard to watch one pass. It sounds like Cayenne had a good run though.

    R.I.P Cayenne!

  • Harleysmom

    Last year Cinnamon layed a clutch of eggs and sat and sat on them but, no chicks…that’s when we knew Cayenne had lost his…swimmers, lol anyway, we bought some chicks and then picked up Cinnamon, qickly rubbed her eggs on the chicks, took the eggs away and put the chicks down where the eggs were, and it worked in spades! She chased all of us off away from her new babies and she cared for them so well! She just knew those eggs had finally hatched and all her hard work had come to fruition!
    We have laughed about that! Guess it don’t take much to outwit a chicken!

  • Harleysmom

    We love our Critters, every one of them. It was even hard on me when my Koi died. I loved feeling them nibble on my arms when I cleaned the pond. The fish recognized me and would come up and start sucking the water at the top of the pond anticipating feedings. Like I said, there is joy in having these critters own me!

  • I’m sorry to hear about Cayenne. Having to let any of our pets go is hard. Have to say he had a pretty cool Rooster life with you though!!

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