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Daisey’s Back Home with Leonard the Sheltie and Family

Daisey’s surgery was very successful although we’re still waiting to hear on the results of her biopsy. She handled the anesthesia very well, the tumor was well defined and encapsulated, and her dental went very well also. Best of all I got to see her reunited with her family — at least three of them, Mom, Dad, and Austin (I think) who met me at Cottonwood Animal Hospital.

Daisey is definitely a Daddy’s girl as you’ll see in the photos. Daisey is still waking up from her anesthesia to some extent…pretty groggy and not very interested in anything but being held and comforted. Daisey has an incredibly sweet personality and we wish her and her family all the best!


This is Mom, Diane, husband, Jay, and son, Austin. Jay says that Daisey’s favorite place is to sit between his knees when he’s squatting down on the floor as he is in this photo. A few minutes after this photo was taken Daisey scooched herself backwards and between Dad’s knees.





Going home to the rest of the family and Sheltie-buddy, Leonard…yeah!!!

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