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Introducing Chili Pepper!

Chili pepper!

After our tragic loss of our dear departed Cayenne, I thought you all might enjoy a follow up!

Allow me to introduce to you all “Chili Pepper”! And baby, he’s HOT.

We went to the wedding last night and then stopped by on our way back home in the night time and plucked (pardon the pun)Chili Pepper from his hens, put him in a box and took him home to meet Cinnamon. Our chicken pen is larger than theirs, so he should be happy. He’s a beautiful rusty red color and we’re hoping for big things! His old owners said he’s just a year old. I don’t know how you’d determine that if you don’t know for sure but he is darling and sweet. We’ll miss our Cayenne and all, but hope we see big things from our Chili Pepper in the future. I can’t wait to hear him crow!

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