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Ok, I feel like a Blog Hog, but…

One more thing about Rusty. Are you bored yet?

Rusty has become my official (ok, not so official, but official in my house) service dog. He has two important jobs. OK, maybe more than two.

1. He must retrieve the remote control when it’s dropped and return it to the mommy quickly. Ditto with the water bottle.

He does this with great aplomb and and exhuberence and knows he’s done a really great thing. He is amply rewarded.

2. If the cat (Georgie Porgie) starts fake barfing behind the couch during meals, he must roust him out quickly before it puts us off our food. George does this on purpose and knows I can’t kill him behind the couch without putting my plate down and moving things, by then, he’s out of there. Rusty is providing an important service and starts rousting him practically before we hear the fake ralphing. We know it’s fake, we’ve never found anything behind the couch indicating he was really doing that. He is just being a jerk.

3. If anyone comes to the door, he must give the visitor the impression that he is a doberman pinscher in a tiny sheltie body. After the mommy says it’s ok, then he can settle down, until then, it’s Kujo in my arms.

4. He must eradicate bugs. That includes things percieved as bugs too. This includes snowflakes, and the moving lights seen on clouds made by the movie theater attraction spotlights. They are all bugs to him.

For these reasons, we consider Rusty Bear our house official service dog. DSC00032DSC00392

On this day..

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