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What Me? Get MY Paws Wet!

I don’t know about your guys but we’ve got a household of kids who are very unhappy about going out in rainy or rainy-ish weather for fear of getting their feet wet! Feet wet! They eat poop, lick their private parts…I know we prefer to say that they’re cleaning themselves…are they cleaning those special parts of their buddies too? So what’s the big thing with wet feet? Here are photos from the other night when despite my efforts many of the dogs stayed crowded on the steps and the ramp next to the door instead of going out into the yard to go potty. Clearly, I was also hanging out on the patio and not going out into the yard either! – Barbara

Abby Star Tommy Tap on Steps


Star Abby Tommy Tap Tanner Cassie


Dogs on Back Steps

On this day..

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8 comments to What Me? Get MY Paws Wet!

  • Harleysmom

    Good point!! Mine don’t mind as long as they can jump up on my leg and wipe their paws off! Especially if I don’t want them to.

  • Katie doesn’t like getting her feet wet either, but so far she hasn’t refused to go out in the rain. We just rush back inside so she can shake the water onto her dad. Is that Tap and Ballet in the first picture over on the right? They are big dogs, I can see where a diet might be appropriate!

  • My crew are apparently more like Julene’s dogs than yours. They delight in running amok in the lousy weather and then bringing reminders of what mud they’ve found back inside with them. Those pictures are great though! Cracked me up. :-)

  • Kim and Dan

    Tommy is quite a handsome fellow! Who is the smaller brown and white sheltie standing next to Tommy in the pictures, facing the camera? Is that Cassie in the forefront of the third picture? I was so hoping she was adopted. Please keep us apprised of Tap’s and Ballet’s progress, from the pictures and descriptions they are beautiful. Tap looks tall, like Jerry Lee.

  • Must be a Sheltie thing! Josh and Jessie hate getting their feet wet, too. Sometimes I have to carry Jessie to her potty area :-)

  • In the bottom photo, from left to right, starting with the back row, the dogs are:

    (back) Star, Abby, Tommy, Tap, Tanner
    (front) Cassie, Ballot

  • cindy c

    I love how Tommy is just standing there patiently waiting for the rest of the pack to do something. Rockie loves the rain I have to drag him in and if there is thunder he really loves to challenge it- barks at it and runs to find the spot he thinks it came from. Fortunately he is towel trained. lol

  • Don’t mind me…. but Honestly I just think its super cute that photo of all the dogs in one place, It just looks so dam cool and cute! =D

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