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Dakota’s New Adventure

Well, we’re down to 13 dogs (for today, at least — we may get another one tomorrow). Dakota just left with a fantastic retired couple from near Twin Falls, ID. For the moment, it’s a "foster" situation, but everybody believes that it won’t stay that way for long…it’ll turn into an adoption. (In fact, the couple were so sure of it that they actually gave us the check for Dakota’s adoption donation before they left!)

They drove down this morning, leaving at about 06:00 and getting here about noon. They stayed a couple of hours, getting to know us (and, more importantly, letting us get to know them). Barbara’d already spent time talking to them on the phone quite a bit and felt really positively about them, but I’d only had bits and pieces of information, so I needed to be convinced. (One thing that was in their favor is that, back when they lived in Green Bay, WI, they adopted a Sheltie from a good friend of ours and well-known Sheltie rescuer, Lisa Martin.)

They are in some ways, a bit like us. They don’t have human children, so their Shelties are their surrogate kids. They’re about our age (but lucky enough to be retired). And they adore Shelties.

But they’re different from us in many ways. They spend half of the year at their home in Idaho and the other half in Arizona. They have a camper (I think it’s a smallish motor home kinda thing) in which they go camping. They take walks in their neighborhood. And Dakota is going to have an absolute ball!

He’ll be the only dog, so he’ll be lonesome at first. But they are home most of the time, so he’ll get tons and tons of attention and love. And I have little doubt where he’ll sleep at night — right in their bed with them. (Actually, as a little treat for us and for Dakota, we let him sleep in bed with us last night. And, naturally, he was as good as gold.)

All in all, I’m really happy that Dakota got to go home with these people. He was a little bit worried when we took him out the front with a leash attached to him and the other end attached to the woman, and a bit moreso when I picked him up to put him in the back seat of their truck. But they’ll shower him with love and he’ll charm the daylights out of them in return.

And it’s definitely going to be different around here without that fantastic adorable not-so-little boy!

Fingers crossed — another happy ending!

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3 comments to Dakota’s New Adventure

  • Fingers and paws crossed for Dakota!!! I’m sure it’ll work out!!! Happy Easter to the two of you and your 13 furkids. (By the time you read this you’re probably up to 14 already…)

  • Sounds like a great family for Dakota. He’s such a good boy, I just couldn’t imagine when the first adoption didn’t work out for him. I think once he gets used to being the only dog he’s going to love having all the attention for himself!

  • We are the lucky couple who were given the opportunity to adopt Dakota (Cody now). He is such a wonderful dog, we are so happy with him and he’s becoming more and more comfortable with his new surroundings every day. He’s doing pretty well in obedience class and learns quickly. It’s great to have him and we knew almost immediately when we saw him that he was a “keeper”! Barbara and Jim do a fantastic job and without their help we wouldn’t have been able to adopt Dakota, so we thank them both for making it possible for us to have him.
    P.S. Cody will be going on his first camping trip in a couple of weeks so that will be a new adventure for him.
    Bob and Linda

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