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Off To The 2009 ASSA National

It’s already mid-April, isn’t it? And that’s when the annual ASSA National Specialty is normally held (this year included).The National is one of Sheltie Rescue of Utah’s biggest fundraising events (which is one reason we are willing to go every year and run the rescue booth). We take lots of product to sell, and that’s a major job to get ready!

Barbara and I (60/40) have been working for several weeks to get things done in preparation: Working with our incredible artist Cheryl Sorensen to design our new images for souvenir towels this year, working with the embroiderer to get the towels embroidered with the new images, shipping product held over from previous years with prior images ("Planet Sheltie", "Shelties Though a Heart", "Shelties and Ribbons", and "Shelties in a Tub"), selecting additional product to take as checked baggage, etc. ad infinitum .

We must leave for the airport no later than 05:30 tomorrow morning, and we’re not even vaguely close to having everything done. We’ve still got to pack our clothing, pack this years towels and those products from previous years into huge duffel bags that we’ll check as baggage, get all of the information (who’s here, what they eat, what the medication schedules are, etc.) ready for our wonderful petsitter Amanda, try to clean the house a little so it’s not a total wreck, blah, blah, blah.

We’ll try to blog some from the National to let you know how the fundraising goes.

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