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Top ten reasons

At work, we all were visiting while we groomed and were laughing about the reasons why people delude themselves about why their dogs may be matted.

I am going to attempt mind you, attempt to re-create that list because perhaps someone will read it and either change their way’s or (please) don’t at least make excuses we can chuckle about later…


1. I don’t have a brush at home. ok, so they aren’t expensive, they’re pretty readilly available…beside, your dog is like 10 years old, could you crack your wallet open and buy a brush? no excuse

2. The kids are supposed to brush the dog and they don’t. ok, so…correct me if I’m wrong, you…parent…them…child. no excuse

3. The dog won’t let me brush them. They bite! you must put the dog in a “calm submissive state” and brush him anyway, start as a puppy, reward with treats, whatever, it’s your dog, brush him! buy a excuse

4. He matted up while we waited for an appointment. You couldn’t get us in quick enough. really? It’s our fault? It couldn’t be that you’ve gone months since the last groom? It really was just the few day’s you waited to get an appointment…hmmm.

5. He ran away, and when he came back he was matted. This is only valid if the dog was gone for a significant period of time. If it was last night or a couple of day’s ago; sorry, we know the difference between matting due to lack of care to the coat and stickers gathered from a field while on his foray.

6. We went on vacation and the neighbors were supposed to brush him and they didn’t. So, I must assume from that statement you were on extended vacation to Europe or something. Vacations normally last a week or two perhaps. I’ll go with, they were in kinda bad shape before you left and now the dog is a pelt. Don’t blame the neighbor, it’s not their fault. BTW, it’s a small world, if the other customer heard you say that, they might know someone who know’s your neighbor, it’s a neighborhood groomery. Might come back to haunt you. Good luck getting them to pet sit for you next time. No excuse.

7. He has weird fur. I brush him, but it just matts up right away! Clearly you are not brushing the dog out to the skin. When you brush over the top of the matting, it looks good for a moment, but then, as soon as the brushed hair separates, the matting becomes evident again. You are brushing over the matts, not through them.

8. I have been ill and unable to brush the dog. While seemingly valid, I once had a customer who had diabetes, had a stroke, was in convalesent care for a while. He lost a leg, nearly died…guess what, the dog got brushed. He asked others to help him care for the dog so that he could keep him when he recuperated. He asked family members to bring the dog for it’s regular grooming so that the dog would be more pleasant to be around until he could care for him himself again. Bad things happen. Find a way, it’s your dog.

9. It’s too expensive to get him groomed. Pets cost to keep. You need to budget the dogs care in like other things in your budget. If you want a pet, then keep them brushed out, and the grooming costs will decrease significantly!

10. (my favorite) I DO brush him, he’s not matted! Yes, he is…nice try, the denial approach.


This is a tough economy to be sure. People are having a hard time keeping up on things. Should you own a dog of any kind, then routine care should be a part of your dogs life. If you don’t have time to brush your dog, then drop them off for a bath every couple of weeks, let the groomer take care of that for you, it’s what we’re here for! It is far less expensive to do that, than bring them in months in between grooms and pay a high price while the dog lives in discomfort all the time. A groomer can save you vet bills by taking care of ears, anal glands, keeping a close eye out for oncoming health problems which may be very expensive to care for when let go too long. The dog will be more pleasant to be around and will be the companion you would wish him to be instead of an impending chore you never get to. A pet should be a comfort, not a guilt trip.

matted dog photo

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