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Weekends and dog shows

We spent a long weekend at the Utah Beehive cluster dog shows and the local Utah Shetland Sheepdog Association specialty shows.

It is a ton of work! Putting on any dog shows is no simple task. Things go wrong, things go right. There is drama and excitement, sadness and pettiness, elation and disappointments. I’ve personally been participating in one fashion or another in both all breed clubs and shows as well as the specialty club since the 80′s sometime! What I enjoy most I must say is sitting ringside while the shelties are in the ring and re-examining dogs while I visit with old friends and some new ones! It seems that the drama is always outweighed by the joy of watching beautiful, clean, gorgeous Shetland Sheepdogs who enjoy the ring with their handlers and owners. To watch them float around the ring with exuberance and trust is nearly religious in feeling for me. Such beauty can only after all come from God.

I remember each year at these shows why I love these shows. Some years it may be only one or two days I’m able to attend, other years like this one, I’m there the whole week. I always come away exhausted, with a messy house left to deal with. I don’t care! I love visiting with my friends, going to dinner and laughing until we think the restaurant will throw us all out, letting loose and forgetting about the pains of the world. I love putting my hands on a beautiful, correct head on a dog and dreaming of someday holding a like head on a puppy of my own with all of those hopes and dreams ahead of me.

Dog shows are expensive. It costs to go if you have a dog, travel, hotels, fuel, entries, etc, etc. The people who go, spend their money because of their devotion to their dogs and to help their hopes and dreams and hobby to the next level, tiny increments at a time.

I will feel rejuvinated after the weekend again and be committed to protecting our rights to do what we do. It’s too important!


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