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Still Calculating

No, there’s nothing really new to report, but I haven’t blogged in a few days. I’ve been spending my time catching up with my absurdly overwhelming day job, plus trying to make sense of the financial and inventory data that we brought back from the National.

Barbara, on the other hand, spent one day recovering from the National and then had to go set up, work, and tear down the Sheltie Rescue of Utah booth at the recent Utah Valley Kennel Club cluster in South(?) Jordan. Since that completed on Sunday afternoon, she’s spent most of her time (a) completing the job of entering all the credit card forms (charges) that we accepted at the National (and tracking down owners of some of the cards because they wouldn’t process), (b) dealing with a new Sheltie who came into our program just after we returned from the National ("Lucky" is currently in isolation at the Second Chance shelter, recovering from apparent kennel cough), (c) picking up another newly rescued Sheltie ("Angel" or "Tasha", who refuses to stand up at all if there’s a leash attached to her collar and the other end of the leash is attached to a human) from the woman who runs Samoyed rescue in this area but also helps out with Sheltie rescue, and (d) dealing with our cat, ZenCat, who is having severe difficulty urinating, caused at least in part by a urinary tract infection.

As if that weren’t enough, we leave a week from today (that is, on 2009-05-13) for Bucharest (yes, Romania!), where I have (managed to arrange) a business meeting for several days. It turned out to be rather difficult to get flights on which we could travel together, on which the air fare for me wouldn’t raise eyebrows of the bean-counters at my employer, and on which I could get a "free" mileage ticket for Barbara. The end result of that is a three-week trip, when we’d hoped for two weeks at the most. During the trip, we’ll spend a week in Bucharest (and visiting the countryside — gotta see Dracula’s castle(s) in Transylvania, after all), then travel by train to Kishinev, Moldova (betcha never heard of that place before) where we’ll spend just one day, moving on by bus to Odessa, Ukraine — on the shores of the Black Sea — where we’ll spend a couple of days, before boarding a passenger ferry to Istanbul, Turkey (the ferry takes something like 36 hours to get there, so we’ll sleep on the ferry for two nights).

After that, we’ll spend several days in Istanbul, a most fascinating city that I haven’t visited in, ummm, 25 years. I’ll bet it’s changed! (I guess I’m telling you all this so you’ll understand why I’m not likely to blog very much while we’re gone.)

Oh, yeah, back to the financial and inventory data from the National. If you’ve ever worked in retail, you probably know that it’s usually the case that the register, the cash, and the inventory don’t give the same story. The register will say that you sold X dollars, but you actually have Y dollars in the register, and an inventory count shows that there are Z dollars worth of inventory no longer there.

Well, that’s what I have to deal with coming back from the National. And it drives me absolutely nuts! I’m one of those people who used to balance the checkbook to the penny every month and would spend hours (if needed) finding out what was wrong and making it balance. But this! Jeez… First of all, I’m not dealing with just Sheltie Rescue of Utah money — I’m responsible for sales for National Sheltie Rescue and ten other local rescue groups as well. Second, it always seems that the differences between X and Y is downward (meaning that there is less money actually in the register than the register says there should be) and the difference between both of them and Z is also down (meaning that there is inventory missing that doesn’t seem to have been sold for money).

I have the register’s journal tape, of course (since we own the register), and I have gone through it transaction by transaction (some 750 of them) to track down this error and that one, but there are some that are just not going to get solved, I fear. I’m also very displeased that most of the local rescue groups (Sheltie Rescue of Utah included) has missing inventory — meaning that the number of items remaining at the end of the National is less than the number taken to the National minus the number that the register says was sold.

I’m going crazy. Happily, it’s a very short trip :)

On this day..

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