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Update on Ballet

Shortly after dinner this evening I had to rush Ballet back to Cottonwood Animal Hospital where Dr. Porter almost immediately decided to keep her, once again, over night.
When I took the dogs outside to go potty after dinner Ballet threw-up 3 times outside. She still hasn’t eaten anything since Wednesday night. Since she has been home she was throwing up once or twice throughout the day but today she had already thrown up 2 times before dinner, then she threw-up in my car on the way to the vet. It is nothing but bile.
Dr. Porter said that she was really dehydrated and he wanted to put her on some IV fluids for the night and then he was going to do some ultrasounds in the morning. I had an appointment set up with Dr. Kris on Thursday afternoon to see what she had to say but after today it just seemed too long to wait. I will keep all of you updated tomorrow after I get word back about the ultrasounds. I hope that the IV fluids help her at least a little, which I think they might.
It was sad because when Dr. Porter was looking over her chart she kept looking at me like Please don’t do this to me again! I don’t want to stay here poor girl.

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4 comments to Update on Ballet

  • Shannen

    Oh that is so sad. I really hope Ballet gets better soon…hey by the way, I just joined in this Pup-peroni Sweepstakes Promo that gives me the chance to win $750 worth of prize package! Ballet would feel glad if you join in and hope to win. :=)

  • BluvsJ

    Hi Amanda, Thank you for rushing Ballet into Cottonwood. You obviously read the seriousness of the situation correctly…great job! Given how dehydrated she looked to Dr. Porter you got Ballet there in the nick of time. Thank you!!!

    It sounds like Ballet, although she may be drinking some water, is not drinking enough to stay hydrated…and this is very serious. (By the way, when a dog has stopped eating, as Ballet has, they often do not drink enough to stay hydrated.) Normally I would administer subcutaneous fluids to her myself on a daily basis. We’ve never gone over that together. The alternative is to bring her into Cottonwood each day to have them give her the fluids. It takes about 20 minutes. She will not respond to medications or anything else that we do, if she dehydrates. It may be adequate to take her in to Cottonwood every other day for subcutaneous fluids. Ask Dr. Porter about this and do whatever is needed to keep her hydrated.

    The easiest way for me to tell if a dog is dehydrating is to see if their gums are sticky when I touch them with my fingers. When well-hydrated, the gums are wet. When a dog is dehydrating the gums in the mouth are not as wet as they should be. So instead of being slippery wet they become kind of sticky. Sometimes it’s still hard to determine if dehydration is taking place. If you suspect dehydration…head for Cottonwood asap because dehydration is very serious.

    Please talk to Dr. Porter about keeping Ballet hydrated over the next 2 weeks. Ask him about bringing her in for fluids. Also, ask him whether or not he’s giving her anything else by IV. Is he giving her any nutritional supplements by IV since she’s not eating? Is he administering her Enalapril medication by IV? If Dr. Porter wants to administer the STAT to Ballet while she’s there we can give him a bottle to use. I am very sorry that this is happening while we’re away and that this is falling on your shoulders. We are very lucky that you’re so dedicated to caring for these kids.I am very sorry that this is happening while we’re away and that this is falling on your shoulders. We are very lucky that you’re so dedicated to caring for these kids.

    Thursday, late morning or early afternoon, your time, is when Jim and I will get on an overnight train from Bucharest to the country of Moldova. We will call you Wednesday morning. We will also try to call you before we leave Bucharest. The train will bring us to the town of Chisinau in Moldova, where we have a hotel for 2 nights. The hotel is supposed to have internet access. So far, internet access works better than expected and far better than the air conditioning! Hang in there, Amanda and keep the great work you’re doing. We appreciate it so very much. – Barbara

  • Amanda,

    It sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job handling such an easily overwhelming situation! I’ll be watching for the updates after the ultrasound later today.

  • Jessica Web Design Tips

    whats the difference between an animal hospital that is AAHA and one that is not? does that mean the one that is not certified does not go by clean general good rules and what does that mean for the animals?

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