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Not much news on Ballet

I just spoke to Dr. Porter. He said that last night and today Ballet has been panting very hard, which worries him and me as well. He said that he took another chest x-ray and there was nothing to report there. He also did an ultrasound of her abdomen and didn’t find anything abnormal aside from the masses of fat. SO those two things really got us no where. But he took some blood and her white blood cell count is up to 30,000 where-as last week it was only at 11,000. He has upped her antibiotics and put her on medicine to stop the vomiting and diareah. He has her on IV fluids still and is going to try to see if she will eat in a little bit now that she is done with the ultrasound. He wants to keep her overnight again. He said that if they cannot get her to eat then they will suringe feed her. He will call me tomorrow and I will keep you all updated.
Thank you so much for all of your support it really helps.

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4 comments to Not much news on Ballet

  • Goodness, I was hoping that x-ray or ultrasound would reveal something more helpful. :-( Hopefully, with the increased antibiotics and meds you will start to see some improvement soon! Hang in there!

  • Hmmm – no news is good news? We’ll be back tomorrow.
    Hang in there!!

  • We way out here in Michigan are pulling for her!

  • Barbara

    Go Dr. Porter…even though I’d really prefer Dr. Kris for Ballet. She’s not an obvious case at all. I’m glad that they’ve discovered the white blood cell count and are increasing her antibiotics. I hope like ____ that the IV’s and antibiotics help her to feel more comfortable. I’m so worried that the end of her days will be without the comforts we could give her if she were eating and feeling well enough to be home. She is definitely in the right place for her…I think you’ve timed everything really well Amanda.
    I almost think she should stay until she starts eating. However, I will say that when she first came to our house she was reluctant to eat for a day or so. So the place matters to her at least to some extent. I’m glad to hear that they’re thinking of syringe feeding. Although, again, I’d want to know what Kris has to say about this. IF they can get the infection under control and her white blood cell count back to normal and she’s still not eating…I’d want to know what Dr. Kris’ thoughts are.

    I hope the powers that be and the forces of the universe will help Ballet get through this and come home to us feeling a lot better. – Barbara

    ps Thanks to everyone for your good wishes…it helps everyone.

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