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Ballet’s Gone…How? Why?

Crud. We’re here in Bucharest, getting ready to leave our hotel to take the subway to the train station.

And Amanda just phoned us, crying. She had just gotten a phone call from Cottonwood Animal Hospital saying that Ballet has died. Amanda wasn’t positive when it happened — at first, she said "last night", but thought that it might actually have been this morning. Right now, although I’m crying, Barbara and I are upset, possibly angry, that Cottonwood might not have notified us immediately. We’re also concerned that she could possibly have died without us knowing from them that she was in that critical condition. It just feels like her care was not managed properly, and she wasn’t being helped in the ways that she needed.

I’m so upset. Although Ballet lived with us only a very few weeks, I really loved her. She always wanted to be close to me, to have me pet her on her head or rub her tummy. She was the only bi-blue Sheltie we’ve ever had (and I have always wanted a bi-blue, too). How could she have gone from being in relatively good condition, albeit with known severe health problems, to dead in only a few days? We’ve only been gone from home 8 days, and it feels so incredibly sudden, even though we’ve spoken to Amanda on the phone at least 12 or 14 times during those days.

Whenever one of the dogs in our care, whether they were our own dogs or rescues, have died, we have always been there with them, holding them, whispering to them how much they are loved and how precious they are to us, comforting them the best we could. And now poor Ballet, who only recently lost the only home she’d ever known, died, alone in a cage, without anybody to give her the love that she deserved.

I can’t go on. I’ll write more next time we have Internet access. The tears are just too dense.

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3 comments to Ballet’s Gone…How? Why?

  • I am so sorry that I couldn’t be there with her in her final hours. This is something that is going to haunt me for a long time. I sat on the floor after getting off the phone with you and held Tap and told him that I was sorry that his siser was gone and that I let her go alone. I hope so much that someone was there with her. I am just sick to my stomach right now. I feel like I have not only let both you and Barbara down, but Ballet as well. I am so sorry.

  • Amanda,

    I know that this probably won’t make you feel any better right now, but I’m confident in saying that the furthest thing from anyone’s mind is that you let Ballet, Barbara or Jim down. You have done everything that was in your power to give Ballet and all the other Shelties in your care 110% of your time, energy and emotion. Sometimes things just happen that are out of our control.

  • Amanda, you certainly didn’t let anyone down, not person nor dog. You did an amazing job! This is so stressful for you,hang in there. Sending hugs from Michigan…

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