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More bad news

As Barbara has said in her previous post “World’s Best Pet Sitter”, Tanner had a seizure last night around 11:30 PM. Well, he had another one about 12 hours later which made me a bit nervous but I somewhat thought that maybe my saddened mood had triggered it. I was doing a quick check on my e-mail before I fed the dogs, around 4:30 PM, when Tanner had yet ANOTHER seizure! I called Julene to ask her advice on what to do since I won’t be able to talk to Jim or Barbara until tomorrow sometime. She advised me to run him down to the vet and get him checked out. So I ran him down there very quickly. No one at the office was too happy to see me since Ballet passed away this morning, then I had an appointment for Tommy to get his ears looked at at 2:00 PM. They very quickly got me in a room and Tiffany made sure that a doctor was in there ASAP. I honestly don’t remember the doctor’s name but I had never seen her before. She looked through Tanner’s chart and noticed that there was no evidence of blood work done on him. So she wanted to do a blood pannel and she also wanted to check his phenobarbital levels. The test results will be in tomorrow. They will let us know if we can give him more phenobarbital and also know how his liver and kidneys and the likes are doing. She also advised to leave him over night. This was not an easy decision… I asked her what the bennifits were to leaving him there becuase if it was just to help him through the seizure and see the seizure for themselves, I wasn’t really too keen on leaving him. But she told me that they want to monitor him overnight and keep and IV line ready to go incase he did go into a seizure so they could inject some valum and stop the seizure quickly. She continued to tell me that because he has already 3 in less than 24 hours that he is at high risk for brain damage if he gets anymore. So I decided that it would be best to leave him there. I will probably be picking him up tomorrow. Hopefully it just a simple change of medicine and he will be back to normal.
I will, once again, keep you all posted.

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3 comments to More bad news

  • Oh, Amanda, I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope you’ll have better news for us tomorrow. :-(

  • Oh, Amanda, I’m so sorry that you’re having to face all of this alone. But Barbara and I have absolute confidence in you and know that you are not in any way letting us, or Ballet, or Tanner, or Tap, or anybody else down. You are an incredible petsitter and the dogs love you just as much as we do.

    We are very concerned over the fact that the vet was not able to find Tanner’s blood work, because he has certainly had blood work done and it is on file there. I know that the Sheltie Rescue file is enormous (for those of you who don’t know, our file there is three binders of about 4″ thick each…and that doesn’t include the files on our personal dogs), but it’s a real problem if they were not able to locate something as important as Tanner’s blood work.

    Also, Amanda, just before we got out of Romania on the train last night, while I still had a cell signal, I got your text message saying that Cottonwood had not been able to reach us by phone. That also bothers me, because you were certainly able to reach us. I know that Dr. Law is selling, or has sold, the practice, but I didn’t expect that things would go downhill at all, much less like this. Needless to say, we will have to visit them and talk to them really seriously about all of this when we get back home.

    Thanks for all you’re doing while we’re gone, Amanda, and just keep doing what you are doing. Thanks!!!

  • Hang in there Amanda! You’re doing great!!!

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