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R.I.P. Ballet

I talked to Dr. Porter this afternoon and he said that Ballet passed away this morning. He went back and checked on her and she was awake and everything, then he went up front for a little bit and when he went back into the back to check on her she had passed. He thinks that she had cancer but he isn’t sure. She had so many masses of fat that it was probably hard to tell if one was canerous or not but I am not sure, that is just my guess.
Thank you for all of your support it is well appreciated. I will be keeping a very close eye on Tap (Ballet’s “brother”) for the next few days to make sure he will be ok.

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1 comment to R.I.P. Ballet

  • Kim and Dan

    Amanda, I am so sorry you are going through this when you are there by yourself. Please remember to take care of yourself too, try to eat something. Spend quiet time just sitting among those beautiful beings in your care. They can help you get through the hard times. They are lucky to have someone that cares as much for them as you do when Jim and Barbara are away.

    From the pictures I have seen Ballet was very beautiful. She will be missed. Please do keep a very close eye on Tap, he may need you very much. Tap may also be a comfort to you as well, a stronger bond between the two of you may be a result of the loss you share.

    Our thoughts are with you.

    Kim, Dan, Jerry Lee, Misty

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