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World’s Best Pet Sitter!

You will not believe what Amanda, our world-class pet sitter has had to deal with in the last 24 hours. I can hardly believe it. On top of that she’s handled it all beautifully!

I think it started with Ballet having to be rushed to the vet’s office where she was quickly recognized as being dehydrated and needing both IV’s and ultrasounds.

Now Amanda is also caring for a 16 year old boy, Chewy, and 10 year old Shelly, among many others, who need to be fed special meals in order to get them to eat. Chewy often needs to be hand fed to get him to eat. He must be hand fed away from the other dogs otherwise he’s too distracted to eat.

Amanda is also caring for little Olivia who has so much difficulty knowing where she is that she’ll stand in the middle of an empty room and bark until one of us comes to get her. Nash, from Idaho, is still adjusting to the household and when frightened, will rush at other dogs acting like he’s going to attack them. Luckily he’s a small guy and actually very sweet. But Amanda has to deal with his quirkiness and its impact on the other dogs.

So of course, when the phone rang at 8:00am, in the middle of Amanda giving breakfast to all the kids (a major task by itself), the last thing she needed was someone calling at all. But this caller said that they had a dog that was lost with a microchip that traced back to Sheltie Rescue of Utah. The dog’s name was Hap. Hap is a senior Sheltie who had been lost before and brought to us by the people who found him. Thanks to Amanda we were able to identify Hap and his owners before his owners even knew he was gone! Hap is now re-united with his Mom and Dad.

Just as Amanda was settling herself and the dogs in for the night Tanner, who is on phenobarbitol for seizures, had a seizure. What a way to top off the day in case it hadn’t been busy enough. Amanda held and stroked Tanner while he was seizing and then helped him through his post-seizure phase.

I very much hope that Amanda has an uneventful night so she can get a decent night’s sleep. Who knows who she’ll have to rescue tomorrow or what she’ll be called upon to do.

Ah, how could I forget to add this in…despite all of this Amanda even volunteered to take in a 7 moth old un-neutered male who will be arriving in Salt Lake from Elko, Nevada on Sunday. I asked that she not extend herself like this because Ballet, Chewy, Shelly, Olivia, and the others really need her attention. That 7 month old would really rattle the household no matter how sweet he is.

I’m guessing that we haven’t gotten any information back from Dr. Porter on Ballet yet. Amanda might need to get pushy about this with the vet’s office. With the weekend holiday coming up they might be busy. I don’t want Ballet to get pushed aside because they’re busy. She definitely needs attention and we need to stay on top of what her status is. What meds she’s getting, etc.

Anyway…it’s clear that we’ve got the world’s best pet sitter and we’re very grateful for her. – Barbara

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3 comments to World’s Best Pet Sitter!

  • I whole-heartedly agree with Barbara, you’ve found a real gem of a person in Amanda to be willing and able to care for such a daunting task while you’re away!

  • Amanda needs to cloned. Or paid triple. Or something! :)

  • Thank you for all of your kind words. I just wanted to let you know that Tanner had another seizure around 11:30 AM. I don’t know if it was because of me being upset and he was still fragile from last nights seizure or what caused it. The dogs were all fairly calm, laying around napping. I just wanted to let you know. Sorry I don’t know what else to say…my mind is just a blank right now.

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