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Bright spots…our adopter of Evie…Judi C

Hi…I don’t think Judi will mind my sharing her email with all…her note offers some really bright spots which we could really use now. Judi, thank you for a most welcome email! Judi has been a good friend as well as an adopter and supporter.

Although Judi addresses me in this email she’s really addressing everyone involved in supporting and helping

Dear Barbara: I just got your messages, checked Sheltietales, and learned that Ballet had died. I am so sorry! Do you think her organs were just gradually shutting down from heart failure? It must be so hard for all of you who knew her. What you are doing is such a blessing to the Shelties. Ballet had those weeks of love and tenderness she wouldn’t have had otherwise. Thank you and thank you to Amanda for such caring.

I didn’t know you were away. We have been so busy with our son here, and my sister and brother coming to help us work out my father’s estate that I haven’t checked my email or your website. Are you on vacation or is Jim working?

The art website is really nice. I wouldn’t mind at all if Sheltie Rescue did the same thing with my Sheltie art. You could have all the proceeds. My daughter does animal art, too. I am planning to make some cards with her art. Did Cottonwood tell you that I had sent $500 for your account with them?

I think of you so much because of Evie. She is such a joy to me.


On this day..

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1 comment to Bright spots…our adopter of Evie…Judi C

  • It’s always so nice to hear about the successful adoptions! Thanks for sharing this with us. I’m thrilled that you were able to find such a perfect match for both Evie and Judy. :-)

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