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A Little Angel

While Barbara and Jim are gone we agreed to bring one of the recent arrivals to SRU home with us for a few weeks.  Her name is Angel and I just had to share a picture that we took of her resting on the lawn yesterday.  I think she has such pretty markings on her face.

Angel is only a little over a year old, but whatever her life was like prior to coming into Sheltie Rescue it didn’t do much for her confidence in people. She seems to really enjoy the company of the other dogs here though. Angel has decided that mornings are for zooming around the yard playing with Layla. It’s really a treat to watch the two of them just having a great time together, without a care in the world.

She is starting to warm up to my husband and I as well. She jumps up on the couch and will let us pet her while we watch TV in the evenings. I think that with a little more time to settle in, we’ll start to see alot more progress in this little Angel.

On this day..

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8 comments to A Little Angel

  • BluvsJ

    What a great photo of Angel, Marie. You take really, really good photos. Now that Angel is starting to warm up a bit have you got any thoughts about her personality? You’ve gone to many more seminars and training sessions than most people. I’m very curious to hear what you think. I’m also wondering how you might compare her to Rogue…not that any two Shelties can really be compared. I’m just really interested in your thoughts.

    It’s really nice to hear how Angel and Layla are getting along and playing together. Thanks for sharing this…a great note. – Barbara

  • Barbara,

    I’m glad you like the picture. I do have alot of thoughts about the similarities and differences between Rogue and Angel. I will give you a complete report when I bring her back up to you the first part of June, but here are few things that stand out in my mind.

    They are of course very similar in their timidity around people. However a huge difference is the way they respond to people when they are in a situation they deem stressful or threatening. When Rogue feels threatened and can’t get out of the situation, she will bite (although she never bit me). Angel does not! That’s a really nice difference.

    Another big difference is food motivation. Rogue was very, very motivated by food, and that helped me soo much initially in her training. Angel is not nearly as food motivated. I think people may have used food as a lure to catch her. I say this because when I’ve gotten treats out to work with her, instead of peaking her interest, she acts more leary of me. It’s like she thinks I’m trying to trick her or something. The negative association with treats happened unintentionally with Rogue later on in her training when we did alot of “go say hi” work with strangers and they’d give her a treat. Instead of the treats making the interaction with the strangers positive…it just turned the treats into a predictor of something Rogue viewed as very negative…having the pressure of interacting with people. I think something similar may be going on with Angel. I think that she sees people with treats as a predictor of being caught. Just a guess though.

    Angel seems to be more comfortable with being held and petted than Rogue. She doesn’t flinch when you touch her and if you stop before she’s done, she’ll paw your hand. LOL

    I don’t see the terrible leash issues that the people who relinquished her claimed that she had. She walks along with me, although slightly behind, not right beside me. Another nice thing is that Angel does respond to her name.

    Angel is a total fence inspector though, as you warned me she might be. Our kennel fence that is 5 ft. high she can’t get out of, but Randy and I have both caught her squeezing through the small rails of the 3 ft. fence around our immediate yard. I wouldn’t trust her being outside alone unless your yard is very securely fenced.

    Anyway, I feel like I’m writing a really boring novel here, so I’ll just save the rest of what I’m observing about Angel for later. Hopefully, I’ll have more progress to report in a couple weeks when you get back!

  • Rouge paws at my hand if I quit scratching her tummy before she is ready for me to. There have been times that I have been sitting at the computer or watching TV that she will paw at me and lay on her side as well. She really is a sweetie but she has bitten me twice (not hard at all though).

  • Ack! I’m sorry Amanda! You know in the 2 1/2 yrs that she was here, she bit Randy the first night we brought her home, then a vet last year that tried to pick her up and then she made an attempt to bite Dr. Porter last year too for the same reason. That’s it. I’m terribly sorry that she’s bitten both you and Jim.

  • Well, the first time was shortly after being here and I was putting her into her crate and tried to slip her leash off and she got me…my fault but she didn’t get me too hard.. The second time she almost fell off of the steps and I grabbed her and probably scared her because she somewhat bit me but it was like she realized what she was doing and stopped. Zen cat got me GOOD last night when I was trying to give her her medicine (I’m glad we are done with that!!) my pointer finger on my right hand is sore and SWOLLEN! Little stinker. I told her that me taking her to the vet today was payback for her biting me lol. So don’t feel too bad about Rogue lol

  • Pshaw! Or however you spell it :)

    Marie, I’ve been bitten by so many dogs so many times that I don’t even bother blogging about it. It ain’t no thing, as they say. The “love nips” that I’ve gotten from Rogue (even back when we first rescued her as Bonnie Jean) were trivial. Since you allowed us to keep her for a while for you, she’s nipped me a little, but didn’t break the skin, which I don’t even count as a “bite”! There is absolutely nothing for which you should apologize (unless, of course, you consciously trained her to bite me :) !). She’s a sweet little girl who is scared and has to be nurtured even more until she’s feeling loved and safe.

  • You take her to a beginner class. Crawl and rollover are cute tricks, but it’s not obedience. Obedience commands are: Sit, down, stay, come, wait, leave it.

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