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Keep Chewy in your prayers!

Chewy has been a picky eater for a while now, but getting him to eat was just a matter of finding what he wanted to eat at the time and usually hand feeding it to him. Well, as of Saturday night he got some really bad diarrhea and wasn’t wanting to eat anything. Julene came over Sunday afternoon to show me how to force feed Chewy and she also brought over some food to give him. She was pretty sure he was in kidney failure because of all of the signs. Well, Monday afternoon Chewy went downhill REALLY fast. He started panting very hard, couldn’t stand well, was shakey, and weak. I called Julene and she said to run him to Cottonwood and that she and Kevin would meet me there. We were almost possitive we were going to lose him. Luckily Dr. Kris was working for the day and was the one to take care of Chewy. He had a very high temperature and just didn’t look good. She did an x-ray and didn’t see anything abnormal so she decided to do some blood work. I ran back to the house to feed the dogs while I waited on the results of the bloodwork. Julene and I were both getting impatient (Julene called me as I was finishing up feeding the dogs asking if Dr. Kris had called) and I was planning on calling Dr. Kris after I got the dogs out to go potty. So, I called Dr. Kris and she told me that his kidneys were fine but his WBC was really high and that he was starting to vomit blood. She said that it would be best to keep him over night to give him IV fluids and antibiotics and so she could do an ultrasound in the morning. She told me that I could take him home for the night but his chances of dieing overnight were very high at home. I decided that it would be in Chewy’s best interest to keep him there overnight but I asked that if it looked like he was going to slip away and we were going to lose him that she call me no matter what time so I could come down and be with him.
Well, she called me this afternoon and let me know that his WBC count was down by over half (from 30,000 to 13,000) and that he has stopped vomiting and hadn’t had any diarrhea. She thinks that he has meningitus and would like to keep him for a few more nights because it is something in his brain but he is expected to make it through!
I went to see him shortly after she called and he looked quite an amount better. He is such a trooper! He is 16 and had lived a horrible life before we got him at the rescue. He is SUCH a sweetheart and I can’t wait to have him back at the house!!

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4 comments to Keep Chewy in your prayers!

  • Wow! You’ve just had more than your share of drama this time around. In fact, you’ve probably dealt with more serious health issues between Ballet, Chewy, Zen, and Tanner, than most people have in their lifetime. You’re really doing a great job! Hang in there and I’ll be hoping that Chewy continues recovering, so he’s back at home with you soon.

  • Amanda, OMG! We are SOOOO lucky to have you still petsitting for us. I cannot imagine anybody else who would plow right through all of the stuff that’s going on there and just Do The Right Thing! You are incredible, and I can’t imagine what things would be like without you there to do what you do. You’re amazing. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much for being there for everybody, Ballet, Chewy, Tanner, and even little Zen Cat (sorry about your finger!).

    I am so anxious about Chewy. I hope beyond hope that he continues to improve and lasts at least until we get home. (Of course, I’ll be home about 7 days before I have to leave for two weeks in Korea, but at least Barbara will be staying home for that trip.) But I know that you’ll do the right thing for Chewy, no matter what.

    I’m also very, very grateful to Julene and Kevin for being there to help you and stand by you when you need some support. They’re incredible rescue people and absolutely key participants in SRU.

    The rest of you who help us so much…thanks for everything you are doing, especially your words of encouragement and support to Amanda. I’m not deliberately ignoring any of you, but all of this — Ballet’s sudden death, Chewy’s crisis — has me really rattled. I don’t know that anything would go differently if I/we were there, but at least we wouldn’t feel so hopeless by being 10,000 miles away!

    Hang in there, Amanda, and thanks again for being so fantastic with the kids!

  • I’m going to second Marie’s comments. In less than 2 weeks Amanda has had to cope with so much…more than most people ever have to deal with in their lives with dogs. More than some long time rescue people have ever had to deal with. Like Jim said…you keep rising to each challenge or crisis as it comes along and you handle it. I don’t think retail is for you…Amanda! You have so much real experience with these kids…and real skills at handling them when they’re well, cranky, or needing your help. We get back home one week from today…Wednesday. I know whatever happens with Chewy you’ll have done everything that could be done. He’s lucky and we’re lucky that you’ve been willing to hand feed him and try to find the foods he wanted to eat.

    You guys don’t know it but Chewy’s favorite meal for quite a while…that needed to be hand fed to him was either Royal Canin Special 30 kibble (meant for sensitive tummies and picky eaters) mixed with Fat Free Frozen Yogurt. Amanda has been working very hard making him special meals like this and hand-feeding it to him just to get him to eat.

    Anyway…Jim and I just went to the Hagia Sophia (pronounced Hiyah Sophia), an incredible old structure that was a church and then a mosque. It’s so big, so beautiful, and such an incredible structure for the time in which it was built words can’t describe it. We’re beat. If we get up the energy we’ll go to dinner…otherwise we’ll just hang out and rest. – Barbara

  • Oh Amanda, I’m just going to keep ALL of you in my prayers, as it seems you have more to handle than any one person should have to bear! Hang tough Chewy!

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