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Chewy’s Update

Dr. Kris has been keeping a close eye on Chewy. She has been giving him medicine and fluids through IV and suringe feeding him. This morning she called me to let me know that his stomach seemed sensitive and so she did an x-ray and saw nothing abnormal in his abdoman but noticed some spots around his diaphram. She had Dr. Cox do an ultrasound and said everything looked fairly normal but the spots in his lungs are probably caused by the Cushing’s. She also gave me a list of problems that he has which includes: High blood pressure, Intestinal disease, Pancreatitis, Cushings, and clots in his lungs. She is going to keep him one more day, try to give him his medicine orally, and see how he progresses through the night. In all hopes he sould be coming home tomorrow. I will have to suringe feed him his meals but that does not bother me at all, I will just be glad to have him back here! I will let you know if he does get to come home tomorrow.
I also got a call today letting me know that Ballet’s remains are back so she will be coming home with Chewy.

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2 comments to Chewy’s Update

  • Chewy’s problems sound sort of overwhelming, but you don’t seem overwhelmed. Jim and Barbara are so lucky to have you!

  • Amanda, thanks s much for the update on Chewy. You’re doing such a great job keeping up with everything. That poor little guy — he has so many different things going wrong with him. It’s clear that the end is near for him.

    Of course, we know that you’ll do the right thing for our boy no matter what happens, but I sure hope that his condition permits us to see him again before his quality of life has deteriorated below the reasonable level. But please don’t allow him to suffer just because we’d like to see him one more time — his well-being is far more important than ours.

    Next time you talk to anybody at Cottonwood, please thank Dr. Chris, Dr. Cox, and everybody else for their being there for Chewy, too.

    I hope that you’re doing OK, too, Amanda. You’ve been under such tremendous stress while we’ve been gone on this trip. I’m glad that Ian’s been able to spend time there with you to give you support. Maybe you deserve a raise…whatcha think?

    Anyway, hugs and kisses to each and every one of the kids. We’ve purchased our train tickets back to Bucharest (Sunday overnight) so we won’t miss our flights to Frankfurt and then to SLC on Wednesday! Only 5 days and a bunch of hours!!!

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