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Thoughts on Our Sweet Chewy-boy

Julene (half Sheltie herself) and Amanda are worried that Chewy’s quality of life is no longer good. Jim and I have asked Amanda to talk with Dr. Kris about this. He’s on an antibiotic which he has not finished taking. He’s also on hydrocodone which will make him somewhat sluggish and sleepy.

Dr. Kris had thought that Chewy was suffering from meningitis when he initially had his crisis. The definitive test for this is a spinal tap which Dr. Kris didn’t want to do because it required anesthesia which she felt he couldn’t handle. If he has a meningitis this would affect how bright or dull he is. Perhaps I’m just reaching for any possible way to find a light in the darkness. But if he’s still recovering from the meningitis and still has some time to go on his meds…maybe he could still come around?

This is the question to pose to Dr. Kris, I guess, does she think he could still come around? We’ve had other seniors (not as old as Chewy) take longer than we’d normally expect to bounce back from a medical crisis, but still bounce back and be with us for several months or even a year longer. I guess we’ll see what she has to say. – Barbara

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3 comments to Thoughts on Our Sweet Chewy-boy

  • Chewy did perk up a bit this morning but I am wondering if I didn’t take him from Cottonwood too soon. He still is refusing to eat and I have a hard time keeping an eye on him to make sure he drinks enough because I have him in the office so the other dogs don’t bother him. I am still waiting on the call from Dr. Kris. The E.R. vet was suppose to call me last night when he got out of surgery which was expected to be 11:00-11:30 and Julene had explained that this was a life/death situation. Well, he finally called me at 6:30 this morning!!! Needless to say I am a bit upset about this. I didn’t sleep well and was going to be getting up in a little bit and Cottonwood would be going back to regular hours so I decided not to answer. Plus, I would have probably been a little less than nice… I am going to try to feed Chewy again and see how that goes.

  • BluvsJ

    Whatever perking up you saw was certainly due to your magic touch and your loving care, Amanda. What was it you saw? What did he do that seemed more like our Chewy?

    Yeah…the only time you’ll get Kris is during the day. If you NEED to talk to her you have to tell the receptionists that and bug them. ER vets take the cases that are brought in and need their attention asap before anything else. Some nights are rough nights because the ER staff is not large and take emergencies from all over the area in addition to caring for critical cases who came in before ER hours. – Barbara

  • Chewy was just up and walking around a bit and wanted to spend some time in the living room with Ian and me. It really wasn’t much though :( I called the vet today and they said that he is doing the same, not eating, having a hard time walking and just sleeping.

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