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Leaving Istanbul for Bucharest

In a few hours we’ll be leaving our hotel here in Istanbul and walking with our roll-aboards (the only luggage we’ve packed aside from backpacks and a pink bag of food) we’ll head for the train station. The train leaves at about 10:00pm our time here which is 1:00 or 2:00pm Utah time. The train to Bucharest will take something like 16 hours. It’ll go through the border crossing into Bulgaria and then out of Bulgaria and into Romania. They’ll wake us up for passport checks at both borders (Bulgaria and Romania).

Normally we’d take the usual sleeping cabin which has either 4 or 6 beds on each side of the cabin as you walk in. The train from Romania to Moldova had only 4 beds in the cabin. You’re actually assigned specific beds. This train from Istanbul has cabins with 6 beds. We’ve decided to go for a little luxury and get a cabin for only two people. I don’t know if it’s a different cabin or if it’s the same cabin but they only assign 2 of us to it.

We don’t know what food, if any, will be available on the train so we’re bringing along a bunch of munchies. We also don’t know what kind of money they’ll take on the train…Istanbul lira or Romanian. So it’s just easier to bring food!

When we get to Bucharest we’re first going to find a bakery (they can easily be found everywhere in the train stations) and buy some elephant ears pastries which Jim loves. Then we’re going to find a way to get to our hotel near the airport. We stay there one night because our flights out of Bucharest are timed such that the train gets in after they leave. So we had to get back to Bucharest a day early and spend one night in Bucharest. So Monday, late afternoon, we arrive in Bucharest. Stay overnight one night. Tuesday we start our flights back to the States. From Bucharest to Frankfurt Jim and I are on different flights!

Because we’re on different flights we have to stay one night in Frankfurt. My flight goes from Bucharest to Vienna to Frankfurt. The lay-over in Vienna is barely an hour so pretty short. Jim goes directly to Frankfurt from Bucharest and gets there a little more than an hour before me.

Anyway, hopefully before we get on the train tonight we’ll know if Chewy is at the vet’s or not and possibly even what Dr. Kris is recommending for him. The idea that he perked up some of course gives me great hope that perhaps a few more days of antibiotics will bring him back to us. Amanda is an angel. She’s had a lot on her shoulders and she’s handled it all so well.
– Barbara

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