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News on Strawberry & Bucharest to Frankfurt

We had some sad news on Strawberry from her adopter. We never expected her life to be cut so short but luckily she had a Mom and Dad who doted on her and did all they could for her. I’m impressed that he wants to help yet another senior. Few people are willing to sign themselves up for that especially after a recent loss.

In about an hour or so we’ll be leaving our airport hotel in Bucharest and take the shuttle to the airport. Jim will head directly to Frankfurt and I’ll head to Frankfurt via Vienna. We spend the night tonight in Frankfurt. Tomorrow we’re on a flight to SLC via Chicago and San Francisco. The airlines do not make it easy to get anywhere anymore.

We’ve heard from Amanda that Chewy, who is at Cottonwood Animal Hospital, is actually starting to eat some on his own. I hope this means he’s recovering. I dreamed that Chewy was back home and so were we and that he was walking around and watching to see if I wanted him to take his medicine or feed him a meal and being his little Chewy-self. Good dream… – Barbara

Hello Barb and Jim,
I have some sad news about Strawberry. About 10 days ago Strawberry started going into kidney failure. We took her to West Vet in Boise to see if they could help. They have a real state of the art clinic, but trying everything they could, they couldn’t bring her back around.Strawberry is no longer with us and has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. A few months ago she was diagnosed with congestive heart disease and pulmonary hypertension. It took some doing but our vet was able to get that under control and she was doing great. She was on several different meds. The problem with trying to get her kidneys going again, was that in order to put enough fluids in her system to help, she had to be taken off her heart meds which would cause her heart and lungs to fail. They tried to keep it balanced but it would not work.She was my best friend and companion, and had a great life here even though it was short.
As much as it has crushed me to lose her, I can’t let that stop me from adopting again and giving another Senior dog a good life. I noticed that you still have Alex. Is he still waiting to be adopted.If so I’d like to talk to you about it.

On this day..

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