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In Other News…

After all of the doom-and-gloom over the past month, punctuated by the occasional travelogue, I thought I’d give a brief update on everybody else.

Star and Abby (whom we adopted ourselves) are doing great. Star continues to be a bit anxious about life in general, but especially about getting enough attention, while Abby is thrilled to be taking agility classes and generally bossing everybody around. It’s really very nice that Star and Abby are becoming close friends — there’s a friendly competitiveness between them, but it is just that…friendly.

Tanner’s had no more seizures since the ones he had while we were in eastern Europe, but he’s on a higher dose of his meds. Happily, he doesn’t act all dopey and stagger around. With luck, that’ll be all that happens and he’ll be fine for a good while. In related news, Amanda and her boyfriend, Ian, have decided that they’d like to adopt Tanner! Being the cautious lot that we are, we think it’s better if they start off with a fostering arrangement until everybody’s sure that it’ll work out, but they’re excited about it.

Tap, Ballet’s "brother", is acting more nearly normal. He was pretty clingy for a while after we returned. Ballet’s absence hit him hard. He’s still a little clingier than before, but he’s doing OK. Plus, he’s losing some weight! He’s a real sweetheart and will be a devoted and loving companion to his lucky adopter(s).

Tommy, our blind and deaf double merle, is doing very well, but he really, really needs to lose some weight. His coat is dense enough to keep a chihuahua warm in the arctic, but he’s got some excess flesh under there, too. We’re going to make a real concerted effort to take a few pounds off in the next several weeks. His attitude remains great, and he has started spending more time out in the family room with us instead of hidden in the kitchen or under the dining table. But he really, truly needs a more stimulating environment.

Shelly, our collie-sized Sheltie girl with terrible arthritis, is doing much better lately. She still stumps around, so we know that her joints hurt a lot, but she still hops up on the couch (it sometimes takes her a couple of tries). She also likes to lay on the floor next to me when we’re watching telly in the evenings, ’cause I keep telling her what a good, beautiful girl she is! She’s a bit picky about her food, but there’s no danger of her starving herself, thank goodness.

Little, old Olivia doesn’t seem quite as fragile these days. She’s still confused when we call her, because her hearing misleads her to believe we’re somewhere other than where we are. And she does move like she’s about to collapse most of the time. But she lets us know very assertively when she thinks it’s time for breakfast or dinner! She does lose patience if she wants to go outside — not that she gives us the slightest hint, though — and will pee right "there". Sigh…

The Missouri puppy mill girls, Sienna and Jett, are still here, but they seem to be doing a bit better socialization-wise. Sienna just loves it when I stand at the door to their room (the dog’s food room…with plastic sheeting covering the carpet) and clap my hands telling her what a good girl she is. At…what, 10 years of age, she dances around, smiles huge smiles, puppy bows, and tries to get Jett to play with her. Jett has noticed that Sienna likes this, plus Sienna gets more treats ’cause she’ll come get them, so Jett has started trying out some of the tail-wagging, smiling, and dancing. Heck, at this rate, she’ll be socialized by, oh, let’s say 2015 :)

Alex is starting to show his age a bit more. We’ve had fairly recent calls asking about him, but so far nothing concrete has happened. If he doesn’t find his forever home pretty soon, then he’ll just live his life out with us. He’s not as enthusiastic about meeting potential adopters, either, after that abortive adoption attempt he went through (for only one night, but it changed his attitude completely). But he’s incredibly sweet and loves to be close to us.

Rogue, for whom we’re caring for our friend Marie, hoping we can get her to be less boistrous and unfriendly to men, is doing very well in many ways. She likes to be near Barbara, but she panics when I’m anywhere nearby. I know that she’d bite me if I ever tried t0 pick her up, so I joke that I’m going to buy a pair of welding gloves and pet her whether she likes it or not! :)

The tiny, tiny Sheltie, Angel, for whom Marie sat while we were out of the country, is back. She’s very spooky, but she doesn’t bite. She will allow Barbara to pick her up and cuddle…a little bit. It’s difficult to say if she’ll ever warm up to men, but she would make a decent companion for somebody who never leaves the house. The real problem with Angel is that she is an escape artist and a runner. Marie told us that Angel would go outside every morning and inspect their entire fence, looking for a weak spot or gap through which she could squeeze.

Our newest boy, Nash (known at the shelter as "Bashful"), really seems to be deaf. We thought Tanner was deaf, but it’s clear that he has a tiny amount of hearing. Nash appears to have none at all. He is still very fearful. It’s absolutely clear that he was mistreated pretty badly by a man. So I’ve been working on gaining his trust little by little. I think he’d bite me, but not severely, if I tried to pick him up, but he just wants to be loved anyway.

Well, that’s 13, which my count claims is how many we have in the house right now. However, there’s a one-year-old small boy waiting to come in (he’s being temporarily housed at Second Chance, who offers a steep discount on boarding fees to rescue groups) and Barbara told me today of a 4-year-old girl also due to arrive at almost any time.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning for two weeks in Korea — Jeju Island, off the south coast, to be specific. Business meeting, little or no time for sightseeing, but a German friend of mine who will be at the meeting and I plan to go scuba diving on the "in between" weekend.

Oh, one more thing: Despite my misgivings, I now "tweet". If you do, you can follow me on Twitter. Just search for SheltieJim. Be forewarned, though, that I’m almost as likely to tweet about my day job as about Sheltie rescue, travel, sailing, etc.

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6 comments to In Other News…

  • Harleysmom

    Yea for Sheltiejim, tweeter superb supreme!!! I knew you could do it!

  • Harleysmom

    Ok, couldn’t find sheltiejim,. Did you or Barbara consider twittering as “Sheltie rescue of Utah”? or Sheltierescueut? People may be very interested to know what is going on with the rescued dogs? One liners aren’t time consuming and it can potentially draw tons of followers interested in pets, shelties specifically, rescue stories, Utah goings on type activities, lots of potential followers, but they have to be able to find you easily.
    Find another rescue and look through their followings and follow them, then, they will likely follow you right back. Then, others who are looking for like interests will find you and follow you, network baby network!!!

  • Well, Julene, I know you finally found me, ’cause I got email saying that Harleysmom is following me. Barbara and I have had about 10 minutes to talk about both Facebook and Twitter for SRU. We agreed that we will do it, but both of us have been kinda up to our chins in work of various flavors. I’ll probably try to set both facilities up when I get to Korea, then I can advise Barbara about doing them for herself.

    Oh, and I’m very frustrated with Facebook. I followed all the steps and got to the end where they said they sent me email so I could confirm my account. And nothing. For hours. So I clicked on “I forgot my password”, they claimed to have sent me email saying that my password was reset (giving the new one). Nothing. Overnight, even.

    I’ll try once more, but I don’t have the time to waste on stuff that doesn’t work for me. (Of course, this would be admitting defeat, ’cause it apparently works for roughly 3 billion other people :) )

  • Thanks for the update. Your comment about the welding gloves for Rogue reminds me of something that we used to say about a friend’s cat named Beatrice. She was absolutely gorgeous and her coat was so pretty and fluffy that it just begged to be petted, but she would only allow it when she was in the right mood. Otherwise, you’d get nailed. We always joked around that after she passed away, we’d take her to the taxidermist and we’d be able to pet her anytime we liked. LOL

    As for twittering and facebooking, I haven’t a clue. I waste so much time as it is, that I haven’t dared even try either one.

  • Thanks for the update, Jim and safe travels. We don’t ‘tweet’ yet, but maybe Barbara or Amanda will keep the blog updated while you’re gone?
    I didn’t know that Tanner was almost deaf…you probably mentioned it but for some reason didn’t register :-)

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