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Erin Pulled Lucky from HS and Barbara is Smitten

Lucky's touching look

It seems like a long story but maybe it’s just that it took us too long to get this gentle-souled boy into good hands. Lucky, an oversized Sheltie, was turned into HS by his owner. HS thought he was a Collie. Because Lucky was an older boy and came with a bottle of thyroid medication, he was going to be euthanized. HS has a policy that they don’t adopt out animals with life-long problems. Thyroid problems, though simple to address, are generally life-long medical conditions. Seems silly, doesn’t it?

Lucky's Irritated eyes

Thankfully, HS, thinking he was a Collie, called Collie Rescue. After some effort to find someone to pull him…the usual suspects were not available and poor Cynthia had mono…I hope that’s over with! Erin Stisser popped up and volunteered to get Lucky. That was just what we needed. Erin picked him up and brought him to Second Chance for boarding until Jim and I got back from the Sheltie National in Georgia.

Arriving at Cottonwood for treatment

When I picked him up from Second Chance they told me that he’d just started coughing that day. Rather than take him home, which had been my plan, I called Cottonwood to ask if at 7:30pm, I could bring him in for day hour rates. It was likely that he had kennel cough and I couldn’t expose everyone at home. They agreed…Dr. Porter agreed and saw him. The photos in the car are pictures I took on our way to Cottonwood that night. I was really worried about him because as you can see, his eyes were irritated and mucous-y. Mucous was also dripping from his nose. He had the demeanor of a dog that’s not feeling well and possibly running a temperature…which turned out to be the case. Dr. Porter, as tired as he was, recognized that Lucky really wasn’t feeling good and admitted him and started him on antibiotics.

Lucky in exam room

Lucky bounced back very quickly and was looking great in less than a week. We took him home…he was a joy to have around the house. Loving, intelligent, with this knowing look in his eye when he looked at you directly. I was smitten…really.

Beautiful spirit

To lighten the load for our now famous pet sitter, Amanda, Dawn Buhlman was extremely kind and helpful and took Lucky and Cassie into her home. Guess who’s smitten now? I’m not sure we’re going to see much of these two seniors because a whole family is in love with both of them. I’m very happy for them…

Oh yes…Dawn took Lucky in to be groomed by someone who helps her out with grooming. The groomer took one look at Lucky and said she knew who he was. I knew his owner had taken him to a vet in the Grantsville area so I wasn’t completely surprised. We think the groomer called in Lucky’s previous owner to verify that it was him. Apparently the previous owner indicated that she couldn’t give Lucky the care he needed for his allergies…which I wasn’t aware he had. You can see he has irritation on his muzzle…but I wasn’t persuaded it was due to an allergy…at least not as the first theory to investigate. I shared the name of the vet who prescribed Lucky’s thyroid medication so that she could talk to him about his medical history.

To me, Lucky looked like a boy who’d spent too much time outside, dirty, possibly with irregular administrations of his thyroid medication, and likely on a poor diet. According to some sources Beneful is one of the worst commercial kibbles and one of the worst diets for dogs. But it has a great marketing campaign. On the other hand, perhaps the signs of a poor diet were also the signs of a food allergy requiring a special diet? – Barbara

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