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Sounds of Silence

No, nothing bad to report. But I thought I’d explicitly note the absence of new blog entries recently. I’m still in Korea (yes, the meeting is going very well, thanks for asking!) and the weather is good again, after a couple of days of pretty hard rain. But I’m really looking forward to being home with my "kids" and Barbara on this Saturday.

Barbara has been very, very busy at home with (at least!) two major activities. Foremost is the constant stream of new Shelties arriving every week — last night, she responded to my question of "How many are there in the house right now?" with a surprised "I’m not sure!" The other is the on-going organization of SRU’s files, materiel, inventory, and the like. Argh! I feel awful about leaving her to take care of that stuff alone, but somebody’s got to bring home the kibble :)

Oh! One more thing. The gentleman from Idaho who adopted Strawberry many months back called us recently to let us know that Strawberry had died rather suddenly, but with the best efforts of their veterinarian to make her last days as comfortable as possible. He asked if we would be willing to allow him and his wife to adopt another senior Sheltie who needs special care. He was interested in Tap (who is slowly recovering from Ballet’s absence). Barbara invited him down and Tap took to him right away, and we have another happy ending! Hooray for Tap!

On this day..

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5 comments to Sounds of Silence

  • Very nice to hear that Tap had such a connection with this man. What a great person to specifically request another older Sheltie so soon after losing Strawberry!

  • cyn

    I’m sorry about Strawberry tho that’s great Tap got a home.

  • Awww…sorry to hear about Strawberry, though it was good she was in a loving place with excellent care at the end. And I’ll be sorry not to hear more stories about Tap, I felt so bad for him when Ballet died. Such a lot of loss for one little (ok, not so little) guy to take, losing his human and then his partner so close together. I hope he is very very happy with the nice man from Idaho!

  • cindy c

    For some reason lately I have been having trouble commenting. More than likely it is me I think I must have forgotten something, if this shows up I will jot down what I did. :O)

  • Hi Jim, how’s the meeting going, hehe. :-) Well, what a happy ending for Tap, even though it’s sad that Strawberry died. Maybe it was just her time to go. So, will your first job be to count the Sheltie gang when you get home?

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