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One Out, One In

Well, this morning, Angel went off with her new family, a really great couple with another rescued dog (not a Sheltie, but seemingly a mixed breed). They interviewed both Angel and Lollypop yesterday evening, but thought that Angel bonded better with the woman (their dog, Cody, is bonded more with the man) and that Angel needed them more than Lolly did. Very happy news. Pictures will be posted.

Unfortunately, just as the couple arrived this morning, I had a call from a woman near Cedar City (in south central Utah) who runs a very informal small-dog rescue. They have a Sheltie whom they found wandering loose in their part of the state and had spent a couple of weeks trying hard to find the dog’s owners without success. This dog is very shy, they told us, and they aren’t really experienced enough in Shelties to know how to deal with the situation. Naturally, we said that we’d take the dog. All we need now is to arrange transportation. It might be possible for our own Marie, who lives just a couple of hours away, to get the dog and bring him up to us. We’ll see.

So, we’re temporarily down to 16, but 17, 18, and 19 are on their way. Happily, a potential adopter for Jackson-the-Sheltie will be here late tomorrow afternoon, so there’s a good chance that we’ll actually peak at 18 (for now). Sigh…

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