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A Word About Buffy

No, not the vampire slayer! The Collie-sized Sheltie!

Buffy came to us a few days ago and almost immediately went in to be neutered. When he got home the next day, he was a little dazed, but did very well. Unfortunately, he’s been coughing a lot lately and Barbara decided (with Dr. Cox at Cottonwood) just today that he’s probably got — yup, kennel cough. So he’s now on doxicycline.

He is such a sweet, gentle guy. He loves to be petted and have his face rubbed. Sadly, his joints hurt him a lot. He’s almost as arthritic (and about the same age) as Shelly. Plus, it seems like they might have slightly nicked one of his rear paws when they were shaving it to insert a catheter for the anesthesia for the neuter, and it’s gotten infected. His poor paw is swolen up about 50% too big!

Worst of all is how other dogs pick on poor Buffy. Little Justice wants to boss him around (apparently, Justice’s hormones aren’t going down as rapidly as we might like) and even new boy Marley is asserting his dominance over Buffy. And gentle Buffy just tries to stay out of everybody’s way, never pushes back, never asserts himself. He’s such a love! I hope that we can find him a really great home, because he deserves it…and needs it more than many others! We just want him to live out his remaining few years in comfort and love.

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