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Penny Pasta is home!

“Pasta” as she was known by in our house is home at last!

A wonderful family came to meet Penny Pasta and the kids were so cute with Penny I can’t even describe it. Penny was drawn to the boys so easily and lay on the floor belly up next to one of the boys while he talked to her. When they left from meeting her, Penny wanted to go with them, it was like she had been re-united with a lost owner! We were gratified to learn that this wonderful family (The Roundy’s) wanted their Shiba Inu to meet Pasta as well.

When Penny and their Shiba Inu met, they played non stop until we were done with formalities. They both seemed to spar and tumble and have the best time together, it was like old friends together again. Everything came together as so rarely it perfectly fits like a puzzle with a missing peice found. It was wonderful to see Penny go out the door with the Roundy family to begin a wonderful new life in her forever home.

I recieved a phone call today from “Laina” who reported that Penny was doing very well and that they were loving having her. Yea!!!

We need great endings and this seems to be one for us all!

Big hugs to Barbara and Jim who had spent much time with the Roundy’s to help them find a perfect fit and be willing to send them Pasta’s way, she sends a big squeezy look and a sidled up hug! Thanks for my forever home guys! It’s perfect!!!!

Slurp slurp!

On this day..

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