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The Sailor Home From the Sea

I’m glad that MandaBear posted the other day, ’cause it would otherwise be about a month since the previous post. Can you tell that we’ve been overwhelmingly busy?

A brief update (very brief, ’cause my day job is screaming my name):

  • I was in Clearwater Beach, Florida for 28 days, working on our sailboat. Barbara joined me for 12 of those days and we managed to get out for a couple of sails. I’d hoped to sail more, but some of the work that had to be done made that too unlikely.
  • While in Florida, I got online only about three or four times, and then only to deal with day job crises or to do research on a boat job I was doing.
  • While I was gone, but after Barbara returned from Florida, Marley and Stewie found a new forever home up in Idaho. It made me very, very sad that I couldn’t say goodbye to them before they left, ’cause I had a really special relationship with them. But I’m so happy they’ve got the perfect home together!
  • Penny Pasta (I’d have spelled it "penne pasta" myself…) came back from her first adoption. A minor, but scary, incident made her new mommy hesitant about keeping her, so she was brought back to us; however, the woman didn’t want the adoption fee back and turned it into a donation for SRU! It took only a few days for Penny to find a really great new home where we’re very confident she’ll stay for the rest of her life.
  • I haven’t been to agility classes with Abby for…well, a long time. But she definitely missed me while I was in Florida. I got to talk to her on the phone a couple of times, and Barbara said that she was thrilled :)
  • Next week, I’m going to my high school class’s 45-year reunion. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I’m only going because my best friend in high school’s going to be there. I’ve not been to any of the previous ones (10, 20, 30, or 40 years) but this is likely to be the last held, as people are starting to die off.
  • A very good friend of Sheltie Rescue of Utah has donated a used car to us! It’s a bit long in the tooth and needs some work, but we’re delighted to have it. Now, all we have to do is find a buyer for it. I haven’t done any research to determine its approximate worth, but I’m sure it’s going to be several hundred dollars at least.

So, there’s some information, only part of which is about Sheltie Rescue…but at least it’s a post!

On this day..

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4 comments to The Sailor Home From the Sea

  • Glad to hear you’re back at home. That’s great news about the car being donated! Hope you get some time to catch your breath and enjoy your time at home before you leave again next week.

  • Kim and Dan

    Wahoo, everyone at SRU is safe, welcome home both of you! I am glad that you and Barbara got to do some sailing, even if it wasn’t as much as you would have liked. I am sure you are very busy, so just when you get a chance to catch your breath, we would love to hear how the dogs are doing. How is Tommy, are any of the other dogs showing a special interest in playing with him? Has Buffy healed, is he still there? Thank you!

  • cindy c

    Yikes I went to a reunion once, what a flipping snooze it was much more a jr high school reunion and I was’nt part of that crowd so it just was’nt fun. The next day we went to Glen’s and it was even worse. lol

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