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When is a non-Sheltie, a Sheltie, high school reunions, mothers-in-law, and Louisiana!

What a week…and this one is going to be just as full. Thank goodness my last shoulder replacement is getting pushed out to September 21st.

On Wednesday I got a call saying this woman had chased down a Sheltie on 700 East which is a busy street. She got into a small argument with a homeowner when she first insisted and then pleaded with him to help her catch this dog in his backyard at 7:30am. What a neat woman she is…I’ve met her and even on the phone, I liked her right away. She called and asked if we could help this Sheltie. She felt since she had “acquired” this Sheltie and didn’t want to see it go to the pound (she was already bonding as was clear when I went to meet them both) that she was responsible for helping us to help this Sheltie get placed. She made a very generous donation for us to take in this dog, who is now named Gretchen, and can be seen here and on our listing of dogs. Here is Gretchen…Great Sheltie! This wonderful woman who already loves this girl, Gretchen, is nicknamed Killer. She and her husband own a custom classic car shop in Murray. Very neat!

HPIM0590 (Small)

HPIM0593 (Small)


So with a large enough donation, a bit of a coat, and an Aussie mix like Gretchen can become a Sheltie…it seems! Gretchen has no tail. Has an extremely sweet, low-key, and gentle personality. She’s probably around 4 or 5 years of age. Her coat’s a mess and she needs a bath and groom badly. But she’s saved and as soon as she’s spayed…I’m sure she’ll be adopted in no time.

So we left on Thursday for Lake Charles, Louisiana and Jim’s high school reunion. There were a couple of people that Jim was close to in high school and with whom he’d stayed in touch, on again and off again, since then. I had never gone to any kind of reunion before. Jim hadn’t gone to any previous reunions of his high school class.

We were picked up at the airport by Jim’s — you won’t believe this — 94 year old Mom. (I’m in awe of the fact that she’s still driving.) Until this past year, she’d been as sharp as a tack. We should all be as sharp as she’s been for most of her senior-hood. I think I’m already losing it. Anyway, Jim took over the driving and drove us all back to Mom’s home where she’s lived for the last 61 years. It’s the place Jim grew up. Saying that he’s not fond of the place is an extreme understatement.

Friday evening was our first reunion event. It was basically a BYO food and drink. The planners were thoughtful enough to give all the classmates name tags with their high school yearbook pictures on them. This really seemed to be the ONLY way that people were able to recognize each other. It was fun watching people re-discover each other.

Jim doesn’t look anything like his high school yearbook photo and in fact, some of his classmates came over to him during the reunion and wanted to feel his hair…they just couldn’t believe the transformation in him. Several people that Jim really wanted to meet were there and this made the whole event and the whole weekend really worthwhile. I got to meet them and they got to renew their friendships with each other — these were really warm and embracing people and I enjoyed meeting them too. Saturday night was a reunion dinner provided by the reunion event planners. The whole thing was a lot of fun and Jim and I really enjoyed it.

The first night Jim felt shell-shocked. But the second night, after some time to digest what had happened and all the renewed relationships from the first night, he became more comfortable and just enjoyed being with people he hadn’t been with in ages.

While we were there we went to a printing company and picked up 200 copies of a book Jim’s mother had just written. She had paid for the publication of the book herself. This was her first book. She simply wanted to put down in writing what her life had been like growing up and afterwards…so different from growing up in today’s world.

You know, I’m working on a blog to thank the wonderful people who’ve made it possible to save Jake…who is such a character and such a love…I can’t imagine we ever considered not saving him…but there’s always the fear (at least in me) of leaving someone out. We’ve received help from many generous people who really care about saving dogs. So…it’s coming but more slowly than I anticipated because I’m going to try not to leave anyone out. I hope you’ll all be patient with me. In the meantime here are some images of Marley and Stewie with their adopting Mom and Dad. Don’t they all look so happy! – BarbaraHPIM0577




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3 comments to When is a non-Sheltie, a Sheltie, high school reunions, mothers-in-law, and Louisiana!

  • I have to say you guys lead crazy lives! Have a safe trip home! (or maybe you’re already home!) Yes, the two shelties and the two adoptive parents look very happy!

  • Hmmm, Gretchen is definitely not a Sheltie. LOL I think you’re spot on about her being an Aussie. Cute face! Reminds me a little of my black tri Aussie girl Jessie. Glad the reunion and the visit with Jim’s mom went well. I hope you two have a few days to just settle back into life at home now. You’re always on such a busy schedule that I don’t know how you keep track of anything. Very nice pictures of Stewie and Marley. They all look very happy.

  • BluvsJ

    Hi Dawn, I keep trying to tell Jim that we lead crazy lives and that we should try to settle down and, you know, enjoy each other…the end of summer (as you talked about in your blog) and life. But most of our talks are about how, when, and where we’re going to do things. Too busy! You’re right! – Barbara

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