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Jim is really sick (flu maybe?) and We held our Shelly-girl close while we helped her leave this world.

What another day! I keep thinking that I’ll catch up on phone calls to potential adopters, recent adopters, potential foster homes, and other stuff, the next day, but this week has been really busy with all sorts of things. Last night, Jim starting feeling poorly and continued to feel worse until he went to bed…at which point he felt terrible. He’s been in bed all day today except for a brief outing to help our Shelly leave this world before she went into a terrible crisis. She had stopped eating and then she stopped drinking. Sunday and Monday she was vomiting despite not eating and despite my withholding medications that she didn’t want shoved down her throat. We saw the vet and got an injection of Serenia which is apparently very effective though its effect is on the brain and not the digestive area. It did work but she continued to refuse every kind of food we offered…we tried everything. The blood work results came in on Tuesday and, as expected, it was bad…kidney failure and clear signs of infection as well as indications that her liver was in trouble too. Our dear, sweet, Shelly with terrible arthritis from the day she arrived is no longer with us. I keep looking over at the spot she slept, either by my feet or next to the couch (if that’s where I was or Jim was). Jim had been carrying her upstairs to our bedroom to sleep next to the bed. We kept moving poor Buffy so Shelly could be right next to the bed. She’d stand up every now and then to check that we were there. We loved her dearly and will miss her very much. I’m sorry that I don’t have photos handy…I just can’t interpret those photo file names as quickly as I’d like…you know…img00123etc.jpg. I hope to catch up tomorrow :) – Barbara

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4 comments to Jim is really sick (flu maybe?) and We held our Shelly-girl close while we helped her leave this world.

  • Sorry to hear that you had to let Shelly go. I hope Jim is feeling better soon and that you get a chance to get some well deserved rest too!

  • I’m very sorry to hear about Shelly. That has to be hard, no matter how many times you had to do it. You will miss her I know. I hope Jim feels better soon. Lots of times I get sick right after flying, maybe a bug in the airline air. Take a deep breath, you all need a break!

  • It never gets any easier. Shelly was such a good girl, always wanting to be near us, just adoring it when I’d whisper in her ear how beautiful she was. So many evenings, she’d lie by the couch where I’d parked myself to watch some telly or a movie, just being close. I miss her a lot already; she was such a fixture in our lives, even though she’d been here just over 1½ years.

    (As for me, I’m past the stage where I was afraid that I wouldn’t die! :) It’s got to be a flu of some sort — quick descent into misery, a day of oblivion, and a fairly uneventful, but incomplete, recovery.)

  • I was finally able to get my cry out over Shelly after reading this. Thank you. For some reason my heart felt heavy last night but I just couldn’t seem to cry. She was such a sweet girl. I just can’t get over the fact that someone actually named her “Sheltie” talk about being creative.
    Hope you feel better soon Jim.

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