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PS Jake can now jump over our baby gates!

Starting this morning, with Jim sick, Shelly barely hanging in there, and everyone else wanting breakfast I discovered that Jake can jump over our baby gates. He let himself out of the food room where he sleeps! Just to be sure I put him back in and in a few minutes out he was again! I can hardly believe it. – Barbara

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7 comments to PS Jake can now jump over our baby gates!

  • Talk about resilience! That’s wonderful news that he’s feeling so confident on three legs. It’s not going to slow him down at all. :-)

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the incredible three legged jumping Jake! TA DA!

  • Jake is truly amazing. He acts like nothing at all is bothering him, but I can’t conceive of his having no pain. I guess he had so much pain for so long that the after-surgery pain is a relief by comparison. All he wants is to be close to us and be snuggled! What a character!

  • Sunmist

    I think it’s wonderful that Jake is doing so well and obviously (from the video) feeling frisky! I would like to offer one caution, however, that applies especially to front-leg tri-pods such as Jake. Those front legs/leg bear the bulk of the the dog’s weight, so losing one puts a lot of stress on the remaining foreleg, which Jake is going to need for many years. In my opinion (for what it’s worth), jumping, and ideally stairs as well, should be avoided, while level exercise is encouraged. I base my observations on a friend’s experience with two tripod greyhounds (result of osteosarcoma), one a front-tripod, the other a rear-tripod. Jake looks like a great dog and I hope that his happy home comes along soon!

  • Oh, this is such good news! It made us cry!!! I wish I could have offered more than just my prayers but I’m so glad to hear that Jake is well :)

  • Sunmist, thanks so much for your observation and caution. We are very conscious of the issue and want Jake to have years and years of pain-free mobility, so we try hard to prevent any such jumping. In fact, he’s now in a foster home without baby gates to jump (or, I think, stairs to navigate). Jake is so irrepressible that it’s impossible to prevent him from over-doing without confining him to a crate all of the time, which simply isn’t right for him.

  • Gisela, Josh, and Jess, Thanks so much for your heartfelt comment and support. It means a great deal to us, and I know that Jake would love to give you two gorgeous Shelties a great big kiss to say thanks.

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