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Minor pack changes

It’s been a while since we posted anything. I’ve been down with what I suspect is flu (probably H1N1…I’m such a pig :) !) for 11 days, some days not even able to get out of bed! I’m definitely on the road to recovery, but not nearly back to 100%. Barbara’s been overwhelmed with the usual stuff, plus taking care of me, so she hasn’t had the cycles to blog.

Anyway, I thought I’d just post a quick note mentioning some recent pack changes.

First, one of our favorite old(!) rescues, Kalvin, stayed here at Camp Sheltie for a week or so, going home last night. He must be at least 14 by now, but he’s in remarkable good health (although his arthritis makes him get grouchy pretty easily). Kalvin’s not officially adopted, but his foster family will keep him until the end of his natural life, and they’re very generous to Sheltie Rescue of Utah.

Has Barbara mentioned SuZQ yet? Actually, it’s probably "Susie-Q", but I thought I’d be annoying… She’s a fairly large bi-black Sheltie. We had questions about whether or not she is purebred Sheltie because of her head structure, which is a little blockier than it should be. For a while, we though that maybe she was a Sheltie-Border Collie mix, but we’re now convinced that she’s pure Sheltie. She’s generally very quiet and reserved, but she’s started coming out of her shell a bit. She is very pretty and has a super temperament…and she really wants to bond with somebody. She was at Second Chance for a while before she came into the house, first because we needed to quarantine her and then because…well…we simply didn’t have room. (Second Chance is a place that allows us to board rescue dogs for incredibly reasonable prices, taking a little bit of the stress off us when a rescue has been coughing or something.)

Either Friday or yesterday (in my medicated haze, it’s hard to remember days), a new girl came into rescue. Her name is Missy, and she’s a tallish sable and white who has apparently never lived in a house and was never potty-trained. In spite of that, partly though very our careful watching, she hasn’t peed or pooped in the house (as far as we know, that is). She desperately needs a bath and she’s not yet spayed. The people who dropped her off are from Idaho, so we suspect the keep Shelties (and probably other breeds) as farm dogs. They told us that they didn’t have the time to spend with her, which is why they were giving her up. But they didn’t act like they were going to cry when they left. Missy is very shy, somewhat moreso of men than women, and prefers to be left alone in her crate. When she first arrived, she would not walk on a leash, but she is able to do so now.

Poor old Nash, whom we thought until recently was stone deaf, is beginning to come out of his shell and integrate a bit more. He will creep over to me with his head hung down asking to be petted, and he actually let me pick him up a couple of weeks ago! (Previously, any effort to do so resulted in minor bloodshed.) Unfortunately, he really doesn’t like the other dogs being near where he is…even if he walks to where they are. Poor guy seems lost and nearly clueless, but yet he wants to fight for his place in the hierarchy.

Finally, I want to mention Brando. He’s started to get pretty aggressive with other males in the house, including Nash and especially Justice. And Justice doesn’t stand for it. They get into it almost daily, resulting in one or both of them spending lots of quality time in a crate. This morning, Barbara said that she’s kinds convinced that Brando is half Italian Greyhound, which kinda seems to fit with his head shape. For a while, we’d thought he was maybe half Basenji, but Basenji’s are rare in Utah (and Italian Greyhounds aren’t), plus he just didn’t have many Basenji characteristics (such as no bark).

Anyway, there’s a brief update. More later!

On this day..

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6 comments to Minor pack changes

  • eddiethegirl

    WOW!!! So many things going on!!! Jake looks a lot like my parents dog Gizmo who is infact a pure bred sheltie
    but, yea, Jake’s nose is more boxy. Guess what I now have three shelties in my little condo. I am temporarily watching my parents dog Topaz. Hopefully my dad gets a job in AZ in which case he will take Topaz with him, because we are really not allowed to have three dogs here YIKES! keep your fingers crossed that nobody complains.

  • MandaBear

    And I took Tanner on August 15th.
    Wow, Jim. I am glad to hear that you are getting better.

  • Wow. A lot going on there, I suspect as usual. Hope you feel better soon. You HAVE to be better before Barbara has her surgery!

  • Thanks, eddiethegirl, for the pointer to Gizmo’s picture. He does bear resemblance to Jake. Enjoy Topaz while you have the opportunity, but don’t let the neighbors see all three dogs at one time :)

  • Yeah, Dawn, a lot is going on here…as usual! Happily, I am functioning at full capacity again. The only good things about being sick are: 1)I lost about 5 or 6 pounds, 2)I caught up on some sleep, and 3)I got a lot of reading done! Hmmm…maybe I should do that more often :^) With 11 days until Barbara’s surgery, I’m very glad to be back on my feet, but there’s so much to get done! (I’m really glad that Amanda’ll be here for the days while Barbara’s in the hospital to help with the dogs!)

  • Between me and my husband we’ve had more than 3 dogs with arthritis. 2 of them unforunately passed away due to it got so bad. I really wich poeple who have a dog with arthritis get as much help as possible and read everything you can on it. It really is painful for the animals as well.

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