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And Two More…

Another flash posting…

Yesterday, two more Shelties arrived. Actually, Barbara drove up to the Ogden area and picked them up, from two separate places; they’d both been advertised on KSL’s (a local TV station) classifieds as "free to good home".

Neutered (thank goodness) boy Peyton has a very gunky, apparently infected ear and is a bit overweight (but nonetheless very picky about food), a little shy, but very gentle. Girl Maizie, whom we hope is spayed, is in better health, reasonable weight, less shy, similarly gentle, and a healthy eater. So far, they seem to be fitting into the pack without undue problems.

But that makes 19, and there are 2 more — 10 year old girls — coming in tomorrow (we think). The floodgates are apparently broken in the open position…

Oh, an update: Missy’s recovered very nicely from her spay and dental and is trying really, really hard to overcome her spookyness so she can be with us. She’ll slide over to lick my fingertips once in a while, but coming when called is still too difficult. (Interestingly, both Suzie Q and Tacoma are having some problems coming when called, but Lollypop now comes when called and is happy to lie up on the couch with me.)

We’re becoming quite desperate for foster homes! If you can foster, or know anybody who might be able to do so, please let us know!

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5 comments to And Two More…

  • Goodness I think this may be a new peak in numbers! I had hoped that things would start to slow down, but it sure doesn’t look like it. :-(

  • I happen to know one person who lives in your town. A person I used to work with years ago. So I emailed him with your website and your blog url, asking if he could pass it around to people he knew there that might be interested in fostering. Don’t have any idea if that will generate any new foster parents. But it can’t hurt.

    Meanwhile…have you gotten any local press lately? Been on any talk radio? The local TV news? One thing I learned when I was in Washington DC working on truck safety is that most of the press people are LOOKING for maybe you can contact the local paper, radio station etc with an idea of a story about how you’re saving all these dogs and your need for more foster homes…

    Maybe you could offer to put on a community education 1 day, 1 hour (or whatever) seminar on the joys and benefits of becoming a foster parent…maybe even combine your presence with that of other breeds of shelters? Bring a couple of the more mellow of your pack and talk about what it takes to be a foster parent etc…talk to your local community education director and see what’s possible for this fall. Maybe even piggyback a short talk at the community ed dog obedience classes, if that instructor would let you.

    Just some thoughts.

  • Harleysmom

    Perhaps it may be worth doing a paper with a few dogs pictures on it with a short sad story about each and a call for foster homes… (may not need to be sad really) and I can post it in the shop with requests for foster homes…

  • Dawn, those are really great suggestions! Barbara and I will start talking this weekend about following up on them. You’re obviously experienced in this area, so your input is very much welcomed!!

    Julene’s suggestion is really great, too, and even I am capable of doing something like that.

    Thanks, everybody!

  • Harleysmom

    Lands o Goshen!!

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